My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Without exception every human heart seeks to be seen, acknowledged, and loved. Every heart wants the world to soothe its pains, see its goodness, and celebrate its expressions. Every act of kindness and every seeming act of “random” violence stems from the heart’s desire to be seen.

Those who wreak havoc in your world and in your lives are crying out in desperation. “See my pain. Acknowledge my wounded heart.” Those who express their viewpoints strongly are saying, “Please acknowledge that I have something of value to contribute to this world.” Those who argue with you are saying, “Please tell me my opinion has value.” And likewise, beneath every conflict, beneath every sad story is a heart seeking validation, acknowledgment and love.

So when you see the sad stories on your news, or when you run into the cantankerous individuals in your own lives, instead of thinking to yourself, “They’re awful! I can’t stand them!” try instead to say, “I’d rather not be around them, but let me send them love. Let me acknowledge their pain if only silently in my own heart. Let me send the energy of compassion towards them.” As always, we are never suggesting you should stay around abusive or unkind behaviors, but we are saying that the souls who commit these acts are in need of love, prayers, and compassion… at least in the depths of your own hearts.

Do your best to avoid falling into the world’s need to hate, judge, and label the wounded souls. Instead say to yourself, “The are made of the very same light that I am. They just forgot. I will pray for their upliftment. I will pray they remember who they are. I will pray that someday they will come to know this beautiful love inside of their own hearts so they no longer feel a need a dim it in others.” And then dear ones, go about your happy day, knowing that you have planted seeds of love and kindness in the depths of someone else’s pain. You are the lights in this world, and we are so very grateful for each and every one of you.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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