My dear friends, we love you so very much.

All growth is born out of desire. The seeds in the ground reach for the sun because they desire light. The cells in the body send signals to the brain because they desire nourishment. The roots of a tree grow far and wide seeking water. And you too dear ones, grow in greater understandings and love as you reach for the desires planted within your own hearts.

You can “survive” this human existence without much growth if you like. You can remain closed to new experiences, rest in an eternal comfort zone, and “get by.” However, while there is nothing wrong at all with enjoying a period of dormancy – nature does the same – sooner or later, like the seed laying in the ground, you will desire growth, movement, and change. At first these desires will seem very exciting to you! They are God’s whispers in your heart. “Try something new. Learn something. Open to a discussion you might not have had. Open your heart to a person you might have judged.” Energy starts to flow through you as you simply acknowledge these inner urgings from God, the sunshine that beckons the seeds within you to sprout.

And then, all too often, human fears and conditioned responses begin to dampen your enthusiasm. You tell yourself, “I don’t know how. I don’t have time. I might get hurt. I can’t love again. I can’t fail again,” and on you go, trying so hard to stay safe in that shell, while all the while your soul is bursting to grow. This type of stagnation is far different than dormancy. In dormant periods of life, you crave rest. It feels deep and wonderful. You are content in your inactivity, like a kitty sitting in a warm windowsill. However in periods of resistance, you feel edgy, discontent, desiring movement, and yet filled with reasons why you cannot create change. Resistance feels anxious, confining, and often painful.

So when there is a desire in your heart, acknowledge it, take the steps you know to take, and trust God to do the rest. Open your hearts to the new when you are guided. Open yourselves to life when the desires arise. The very shells you built to protect yourselves will eventually become confining as your spirit yearns to expand. Breathe life into your bodies, your minds, and your souls, by allowing the desires that arise naturally from within to guide you. Life is calling.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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