Contentment while wanting more

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you approach your springtime, give thanks! It is time for new life. Many of you are feeling the desire for movement in your hearts – the desire to create, to do more, to have more experiences in your lives. And for some of you this urge is hitting rather strongly, leading to confusion! I want so much in life all of the sudden! I want to have more and do more! I want more money, more time, more joy! Rather than allowing these desires to lead to disillusionment, allow them to fill you with joy! You are growing. When you seek something you do not have in your physical lifetime at this point, you are saying you are ready to grow. For truly dear ones, the vibration of everything you want in life exists within you and all you have to do is find that love for what you want within you, find that confidence that it is yours as life unfolds, and then relax into the knowing that what you have created on the inside will surely and eventually manifest on the outside.

On earth you are given time to think about your creations. One moment you want something so badly and a few weeks later you realize you didn’t want it as strongly as you thought. And so the time in between your original thought and when this situation could have come into your life has allowed you to find some greater clarity. When you are impatient and demand that you get what you want now, sit back, breathe… maybe God has something even better for you, timed more perfectly, and in a more perfect way.

Life is asking that you Trust God dear ones. The trees trust that the sun will come back into the spring, in perfect timing to call forth their growth. The flowers waiting to bloom trust that the snows will melt. The animals in their burrows trust that new abundance is on the way! Humankind is the only group of beings on planet earth that forgets to trust that God cares about your needs, your hearts, and your desires as well. Wait patiently dear ones for the answers and the creations to unfold in your lives. Enjoy each moment. That way you will not miss your lives. If you are always waiting for the future to be happy, you will have moments of happiness when goals are reached, then more waiting.

If you can be content in the present moment, you give yourself a blessing and a gift. Want more in the future by all means, but give thanks for what you have right now, and enjoy the moment you are in right now. For all you ‘want’ is already within waiting for the right vibration to help it bloom in your life. Surely contentment and joy in the present are the best vibration you can exist in to call forth more in the future. Frustration, tantrums, etc. simply reinforce a feeling of lack, where as gratitude, love, and joy reinforce feelings that all is well, all you want is coming, and all is already in perfect order.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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