When you honor your heart’s guidance, it is likely that at some point in your life, you will guided to step outside of your “comfort zone.” An acorn cannot grow until it bursts open. A chick cannot mature within its eggshell. Flowers must burst from the bud and babies must leave the womb. At some point in your lives you will find yourself leaving what is comfortable and expanding into greater being.

For some of you this expansion is simple. Open your mind to a new thought, a new perspective. Try a new restaurant where you discover more that you love. Listen to your guidance and help a stranger. For others of you this expansion is a leap of faith. Release your fears and open to love once again. Quit your job and start a new one. Tell someone you care about what is truly important to you. Share a newly discovered talent or thought with the world.

Taking such risks and leaps of faith can feel frightening. The human mind that does not easily surrender control!. Yet the heart expands with delight, following such guidance with faith, knowing that it is connected to nothing less than the creator who coordinates universes! The heart knows that change is the nature of life, and growth into greater awareness is on the path of every soul on earth.

So when you feel guided to try something, learn something, leave something, talk to someone, or walk away… listen. When you feel guided to help someone or to ask for help… even if you are not comfortable doing so, give it a try. Listen to that still small voice within, the feelings in your heart and your gut, the thoughts that come so effortlessly to direct you. Listen in spite of the fears, as love has a way of leading you beyond.

An acorn cannot know its full glory until it releases the seed’s shell. A baby cannot know and grow into their full potential until they leave the womb. And you, dear ones, can never know the full extent of the love and joy you can share and receive, unless you too are willing to listen to your hearts.

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