If a dream is placed in your heart, trust that in the right time and the right way everything will unfold in perfection. It is a human tendency to want to spring into action, and this is fine if your actions are passionate, inspired, and guided, but far too often you attempt to make things happen through the sheer force of your will. You actually can make things happen this way. You can work so hard you forget the joy in life. You can tempt someone to love you until they finally do. You can force yourself to lose weight without enjoying the journey. However, dear ones, these “victories” are short-lived for they cannot be sustained. If you lose the joy in life while attempting to “succeed” eventually you will burn out. If you tempt someone until they “fall” for you eventually you will realize that they only love you when you work to “earn” their affection. If you force yourself to lose weight without joy, eventually you will slip back into your old patterns and, most likely, feel great disappointment.

So while you can make things happen and live without heaven’s help, a life lived in partnership with heaven is far more beautiful, graceful, and easy. You were assigned angels before birth for exactly this purpose. You were never meant to live without assistance. So when you find a dream in your heart, ask for help. When you ask God and your angels for help, you are asking Love itself to guide you. You are entering into a dance with Love. You are diving into streams of grace. In this dance you must often be patient. You certainly must trust. You will have to act when inspiration strikes or you will lose the opportunity in the moment. If you miss one opportunity another will always be presented. Love does not give up.

Dear ones, we implore you, “Ask for help.” Trust that God loves you and wants to guide you in the most loving way (which is not necessarily the fastest) to experience the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. As you learn to live in partnership with heaven, you will come to understand that you are None other than Love itself, asking Love to assist. The cells ask the body for nourishment, just as the body requests cooperation from the cells. And as you ask God and your angels for help, we too are nourished and gratified by the opportunity to love and assist you.

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