All are seeking love

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We have said this many times before but it bears repeating, particularly at this time upon your planet earth when tensions are running high and everyone is seeking greater understanding:

All human beings, in all of their thoughts, words, and deeds – no matter how evolved or unenlightened – are seeking God’s love.

Those feeding the hungry and those committing brutal murders are all seeking God’s love. Those quietly assisting their elders, caring for their children, or those abusing the very same, are all seeking love. The greatest among you and those you would consider to be the worst, are all seeking love. Dear ones, this is why you are all on this earth – because you have forgotten that God’s love lives within you, breathes through you, and creates you… in every single moment. Some of you are starting to remember, some of you live in this reality all the time. And yet many on your planet earth are unaware of their very nature, and thus commit what you call “crimes against humanity and the natural universe” in an effort to dissipate their pain, get others to see their pain, or share their pain. Even in these unevolved and unloving actions, they are seeking love. “Please see my misery,” they cry out. “Please acknowledge my perspective.” “Please tell me I am OK in the eyes of God ,” they cry beneath layers of misunderstanding and abuse that their souls have suffered throughout the ages.

Once again, we are never telling you to seek out or put up with abuse. We are not telling you to remain silent if you feel compelled to speak up nor to remain seated if you are receiving the impulse from God to get up and take action. We are not saying you must feel warm and fuzzy about the violence and hatred that you witness in your world. However, we are saying, that every soul, no matter how enlightened or unevolved, needs love. Those who commit the worst acts are most in need of your prayers. So pray for those who are lost, tortured to the point where they must torture others, frightened to the point where they must hate. Pray that they will someday know God’s love and God’s grace in their own lives, for it is indeed a lonely reality in which they live. Especially now upon your planet earth, people are in need of great love.

Take time each day to sit in quiet reception of God’s love. Fill you cup so you can spill it over and be a force of love in this world. Keep the lost, lonely, hateful, and hurt in your prayers as strongly as you pray for those you love. For you are all part of one energy, one love, one family, and you – the ones who know what life is truly about – can help the lost by gently inviting them into the light of God’s love – through your prayers, through your boundaries, through your unwillingness to support what is less than light – while still being willing to hear other’s perspectives. It is a fine line to walk the path of Divine love, and yet it is the only reality in which you will truly find peace.

God bless you. We love you all so very much.
— The Angels

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