Align with love

Happy New Year dear ones. Happy New You.

Already you are three days into 2015. Are you sticking to your resolutions? Have you even made any? Here in the heavens we aren’t concerned about that at all. We love you exactly as you are. If resolutions are important to you we will assist, but what we care about more than anything else, is assisting you in experiencing and sharing Love in your daily lives. If it is loving to go to the gym and work out, then do so! If you must beat yourself up to get there, find a different form of movement! Whatever it is you resolve dear ones, or not, do so with love.

Treat yourself with gentle kindness this year. Treat yourself as if you are a precious being, beloved by God, for indeed you are. If you knew that when you looked in the mirror, God was looking through those eyes, what would you say? How would you treat yourself? For whether you realize the truth of it or not, God is looking through your eyes, and every pair of eyes upon your planet earth. God is in you, around you, and in all beings, whether they realize it or not.

So this year, when you look in the mirror in your own eyes, strive to see God’s love looking back at you. Strive to focus on the truth of your being whether or not you feel it. No matter what you feel or how you look can you say, “I am the love of God fashioned into a human being. God’s love lives within me. God’s love breathes through me. I choose to embrace that truth. I choose to look for that love in my own eyes. I choose to ask for that love to rise up within me, and fill me. I choose to look for that love and light in all others as well.”

Dear ones, aligning with God – aligning with love – will give you a joyous experience of life in the coming year, no matter what everyone else is choosing. It is in that reality that you have best access to your guidance, your inner power, and the God given abilities that your soul wishes to express this lifetime. Choose love dear ones. Choose truth. Choose, no matter what you see upon the surface in yourself, in others, or in the news, to believe that love that lives within and beneath all things. Set your sights there, dear ones, and your year will be a beautiful experience of abiding in grace.

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