Thank you for all the love and prayers. I am totally healed of my weird case of shingles and counting the numerous blessings that came from an unpleasant adventure. Since I created it by intending to “take away another’s pain” I sat still for hours looking at every area in my life where I’d been willing to sacrifice my joy if I thought it would help someone else. I had previously thought I was done with that pattern, but once I committed to digging the habit out by the roots, I found subtle nuances of it all over my life! There were times when I was willing to worry instead of have faith, times when I felt sorry for someone rather than affirming a person’s power, and the list went on. These were all subtleties, but nonetheless, they robbed me of my God-given power to see love, be love, and share love.

I did all the right physical things to get rid of the condition. I was bathing in Epsom salts and separately water with apple cider vinegar three times a day. I took supplements. I meditated, rested, watched Braco DVDs and asked for prayers. Dear ladies in Croatia gazed for me with Braco, which helped greatly. I changed my diet. But the deep healing came when I finally said, “Ok God. Ok Angels. I know there’s a lesson here to feel your love even in the midst of this and to focus on who I really AM!” I affirmed the light of perfection in my soul and one night, feeling quite ready to be done, I simply told the angels, “Take me to heaven tonight. Immerse me in the truth of my light, and plant me back in my body tomorrow morning with the awareness of the light and joy within and nothing else.” The following morning, upon awakening, with the very first awakening breath, I felt like I was a baby taking my first breath. I felt my entire soul – me – the love, the joy, the humor – slide right into my body and I felt joyous. I knew the condition was energetically gone. Within days I had healed completely except for a few scabs and scars that are on their way out.

I went to see Summer Bacon, my friend who channels a beautiful spirit – Dr. James Martin Peebles – in deep trance. He is a spokesperson for angels. At her gatherings only some people get called on, when their names are picked out of a basket. I intended with all my heart to be one of them. Sure enough, my name was picked. Dr. Peebles, the spirit who comes through her, spoke to me. “You are done… and finally that demon that has been riding around in your spirit for centuries clawed itself out.” I was in shock. My shingles wasn’t a typical rash in one area as most cases are. Instead it was all over me in odd places, and I would literally feel a sting, then watch as my skin ripped open in razor like cuts from the inside out. It hurt, but I kept feeling something awful was leaving! Apparently it was.

Looking back I know that this “demon” he spoke of was simply some piece of my soul that carried a deep misunderstanding of its own worthiness of love. This was likely created lifetimes ago and was usually dormant except when something really wonderful was occuring in my life, whereupon it would rise up and create self-sabotague. Although this was one un-fun situation, I’m singing and dancing for joy because at long last the energy inside of me that tends to trip me up every time I feel the bliss of God is gone. I’m so happy! My healing abilities have increased, and so has my bliss! What an adventure!

So yes, yes, yes!! Adding love to any situation transforms it! As soon as I got back in that divine consciousness, aware of the truth of my soul’s light, even the darkest energies left my body – a bit dramatically – but nonetheless, gone! And if you feel you are in need – lost, lonely, broke, dealing with difficult people, unhealthy, depressed, whatever the challenge, remember… Your soul is and always will be whole! Your soul is pure light, pure love. All the rest is just born of some part within that misunderstands, feels unworthy, feels unlovable. Sit in silence. Breathe and receive help from the angels. Ask to be returned to the truth of your beautiful perfection… and enjoy the blessings that come from freeing yourself from even those illusions you didn’t know existed!

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