You are always loved

I didn’t quite know why the angels were channeling this message this week until I got to the end. I’ve not been angry at all. I’ve been blissful! But when they got to the financial part, I had a laugh. I had an air conditioning repair, roof repairs, necessary lawn work, and a few other large expenses come up that I hadn’t anticipated… all in one week. Needless to say more money went out than in! But I didn’t even blink. I didn’t get worried. I didn’t wonder where it was going to come from. I went on with my breakfast on the patio, my exercise in the morning, and peacefully going about my days. In fact, if anything I am getting more done than usual. I know God always handles my life. Its not worth getting all uptight and ruining my good mood. These life circumstances come and go. Why ruin a good mood?

Likewise, I had a nice relaxing fourth of July and wanted to see the fireworks, but wasn’t sure I wanted to go on my own. When the urge hit, late as usual, however I piled myself in the car, drove downtown and had a blast! I asked the weather spirits to be nice to me on the way home, as the storm was coming, and got cut off by a car with 2INSUREU on the license plate! I laughed knowing all would be well. The storm hit as I was only a few miles from home and I drove home in tropical storm force winds on flooded roads with lightning crashing all over the place, knowing I’d be perfectly safe.

The next day I was going out to meet some friends and had a sudden urge to pray for my home and car to be protected, so of course I did. That was the night the massive dust storm hit Phoenix – see the video below! And sure enough, my house, car, dog, and myself were fine.

If you really learn to trust in God and to stop worrying and to choose to believe you ARE loved by the one that created you, it changes everything. You’ll hear your guidance and know what actions to take so much more easily. I love being at a place in my life where finally I’m not letting myself feel like life is attacking me. Life is just being life. We can’t change other people. We can’t always change our circumstances or finances immediately, and yet look how many years you’ve existed just fine on this planet… and I know you’re doing better every day.

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