I am constantly striving to live in the present. Being a person who packs a lot into her life I am guilty often of thinking of the next ten things I need to do, rather than focusing on the here and now. While going through a drive-through the other day to grab a quick lunch, I caught myself calculating the time to see if I could grab some groceries before running home to let my dogs out. The insanity of it all made me burst into laughter. I used a technique the angels gave me a long time ago to pull myself back into the present. I imagined all my thoughts as strings that went to the past and the future, and as I breathed in, I pulled those strings all back into my body. I did this a few times until I felt centered in the moment. Suddenly, lunch was all that mattered. Instead of eating in my car, I pulled over, sat down, enjoyed a leasurely lunch and fed the sparrows hovering around the table while I was at it. Miraculously I had plenty of time to grab the groceries without hurry and got home in time to care for the dogs.

Its easier to call myself into the present when things are easy as they were on that day. It is far more challenging to be present when we find ourselves in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. My memorial day holiday, for example, was memorable. For the past month, my digestion has been ‘off’ and uncomfy, but luckily during readings I am not at all focused on myself and my body and so I didn’t pay much attention. I had conveniently scheduled a session with my friend Summer who channels Dr. Peebles a few months back and when it came time to talk to this marvelous angel, he told me I had quite an unusual parasite living in my intestines. YUK. He gave me a concoction to drink to help it out of its body and therefore out of mine. To say the ordeal was unpleasant is a magnificent understatement. I spent the weekend trying to be comfortable while things that shouldn’t have ever been in anyone’s body, let alone mine, found a way out. I didn’t want to be present at all! I’m really good at going into meditation and getting my awareness into other realms, but the angels told me this type of escape wouldn’t help me feel better faster! In fact, they said that if I had gathered my light all the way in my body I wouldn’t have allowed in a bunch of other energies that wore me out and allowed this to happen.

So in spite of discomfort, I sat, breathed, and tried to be present with the needs of my body and soul, rather than trying to escape the pain and discomfort. My soul wanted to go outside so I sat in a lawn chair, listened to the birds, and appreciated the buzzing bees and beautiful flowers. My body wanted to rest at one point so I laid on the couch and appreciated the soft texture of the quilt on it that I totally take for granted most days. My body wanted to walk so I slowly walked around the house focusing on my spine’s alignment (something I need to do anyway). And miraculously in spite of pain and discomfort, I had a very restful weekend. The parasite is gone, I feel wonderful and rested, my spine is more aligned than ever, I got to enjoy my own home, spend time with the dogs who are now quite happy about this, and really gather my energy back from all the projects, concerns, and people I serve into my own body. I feel wonderful.

So even if you don’t like where you’re at or what is going on, being present presents gifts you can’t even imagine. It helps the tough situations move on through and helps you find the blessings in them.

When you find your mind wandering far away from the moment, breathe, imagine pulling those energy lines of thought back into you until all the beautiful light of your soul is back in your own body and your own aura. You’ll notice that everything looks crisper, brighter, and more colorful. Ideas to help you solve problems and issues in your life will come more easily. You’ll hear your own heart, know your own mind, feel your own body, and heed the truths in your own emotions. If you’re seeking contact with angels, you’ll even hear them more easily. And suddenly the people in your life won’t tug on you so much because you can be truly ‘with’ them when you are with them.

This is an ongoing discipline for me, but the rewards are many! So here I go again, thinking about whether or not I’ll have time to finish this newsletter before my next appointment. I remind myself, “Stop, breathe, pull yourself back into the present.” Ah there we go. It doesn’t really matter, does it? If I get it done ‘in time’ that’s wonderful, if not God has other plans 🙂 I trust.

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