When I’m being kind…

I have noticed in my life that when I am being kind to myself, life is kind to me. When I am being generous with myself I attract generous people. And when I am either beating myself or trying to “earn” love from others, that leads to one heck of a holy mess in my life!!

And while I like myself pretty well and have been urged by the angels to practice self love for years, recently I’ve decided, that because I want more in life for myself, I had better start treating myself even better! The thought struck me, most likely from the angels, it is so easy to criticize ourselves, why not turn that around and compliment myself for every little last thing I feel good about. And so I’ve been waking up and saying, “Gosh I look good today!” When I am kind to a person, “That was so sweet of you Ann!” When I do something creatively that I enjoy, I tell myself, “Wow! Look at the beauty you are leaving in this world!” And when I get frustrated at someone in traffic and am less than loving, instead of beating myself up, I’ll say, “Well they weren’t too nice and you did your best, but that’s ok! You’ll do better next time!” This new habit has been both funny and a lot of fun! I’ve been putting good thoughts, good words, and only loving statements into my own psyche! It feels so contrived and so weird at first, but at the same time, why is it that self-criticism, self-denial, and self-deprecation should feel natural! That’s backwards!!

Try it! Try being totally loving to yourself. Try telling yourself good things. Try encouraging yourself when you are down, and consoling yourself when you have a less than proud moment. It certainly feels a LOT better than what most of us were trained to do, and it certainly is how the angels would prefer we treat ourselves! I think people are afraid of becoming arrogant and yet arrogance simply comes from the insecure. People are afraid of being narcissistic but truly narcissists don’t love themselves, they hate themselves so much they pretend to love themselves to the extreme.

True self love is adorable. Look at a child who brags about his talents! Look at a rose blooming, practically crying out to be noticed by the sheer beauty of its being. You can both love yourself immeasurably and be humble because you know it all comes from God! I know it isn’t ego-Ann creating all this good in my life. Ego-Ann is just getting out of the way finally and allowing it. And when I hurt or get cranky or do something less than spiritually evolved, it is fine to console little ego-Ann because she’s doing her best. That is what the Love within you would do! That is what the angels would do. And in beginning to live this way you start to identify more and more with the loving truth of who you really are.

The added benefit to such self love is that the world begins to reflect that love back to you in the most magical ways as well and the few who don’t like it will fall by the wayside. You won’t care! You are being too nice to yourself to let anyone be mean or to take it seriously if they are. So start living a charmed life by being loving, kind, and charming to yourself. It is not arrogant. You are not saying you are better than anyone else. To the contrary those who truly love themselves can be more gracious, loving, and kind to others as well because they realize that they, and all others, are truly special and unique manifestations of God’s love.

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