Weeding the psyche

I am sitting here writing the newsletter with a breeze blowing, roses waving in the wind and my neighbor’s wide oleander tree bending with the weight of it’s blossoms.

I miss my white oleander. I had to cut her down a few years ago. Her roots were starting to push under the house which would eventually have caused problems with the foundation.

Sometimes the deep roots of old beliefs undermine our foundation as well. I’ve been intending to abide in, and share the love I feel from heaven on a more constant basis. A month ago I was in absolute bliss when, as many of your read, I discovered a pocket of old fear and anger.

Sitting at a friend’s channeling session, I became aware of an unpleasant defensive and fearful feeling in my body as I saw an ex-boyfriend in the audience. Never mind that we’d already talked, forgiven, hugged, and thanked each other for the lessons years ago. Apparently there was something left to be healed.

The angel my friend channeled suggested we hug “one final time.” As this man who had so thoroughly belittled me hugged me, I felt my inner child settle at long last into a deep peace, knowing I would never again be attacked by words so angry that I had allowed them to disintegrate my self-worth and self-value so many years ago. The experience was one of my greatest teachers. It catalyzed me to grow so deeply in my understanding of self love, that I can share and teach it in ways I never dreamed possible. I was glad for the uprooting of that fearful old weed.

I thought I was done until I went home that evening and discovered that the inner child, now safe, was going on a rampage of victimized anger within me. I didn’t want that weed in my soul any longer either. I went into deep meditation, traveled into past lives to find the roots of the upset. forgave him, forgave myself, shifted the energy, and came out of my inner journey feeling nothing but love for us both.

Sometimes old roots run deep.

We all know we want to be loving. We all want to feel peace, joy, and inspiration. We don’t honestly want to hold on to unforgiveness, anger, sadness, doubt, fear, resignation, etc., but sometimes we don’t know how to let go. Those are the times we must dig up the roots of our beliefs around these feelings, and plant better thoughts in the “soil of our soul.”

Here are a few pointers for getting to the “roots” of a feeling that doesn’t feel like love

1. Ask Why, and Keep Digging until you reach your fear…

This sounds simple. Why am I angry? Why am I sad? Why do I feel resigned. The first answer you get will feel like verifiable fact. Most likely the answer is one that many people around you would support. Dig deeper.

For example, someone leaves you and you’re sad. You ask, “Why am I sad?” You answer, “because they left.” Ask, “Why,” again. “Why does that make me sad?” “I’ll miss them!” “Why will I miss them?” “Because I love them!” Well you still love them even if they’re gone, so the love isn’t gone… “Why will you miss them?” “Because I felt loved around them.” Now you’re getting somewhere. “Do you feel you are not loved when they are not present, or when they withdrew love?” “Yes!” you might reply. “They left me!” or “They no longer love me!” I do not feel loved! I fear I will never feel that loved again.” You are getting to the roots.

Another example comes from my own past. I was incredibly irate when unconscious drivers sped around me and cut me off on the highway. “Why are you mad?” the angels asked. “They could kill me!” “Why do you believe they could kill you,” said the angels. “Duh…” “They didn’t kill you,” replied the angels, but you are still mad.” “Well they could have! I have so much to live for!” “So you are afraid of someone killing you before your time?” the angels kept digging. “Yes. I don’t want to die early!” I was getting close to the roots…

2. Question your Assumptions

We’ve all heard it. Fear is False Events Appearing Real.

The world can give us a thousand reasons why our fears are justified. The angels give us a million why they are not. Question the reasons you are in fear.

From the example above… “I fear I will not feel loved like I did when that person left me.” I’ve heard this many times in my office. Question that. Is that person the only one on earth ever with whom you could share such a depth of love? You know that isn’t true if you’re honest. What comes next may be more fear, “How will I ever find that kind of love again?” Angel answer – you don’t have to. You are loved so dearly you have no idea. Remain in a vibration of love and the universe can bring more straight to you.

From my example… ” I fear I will be killed prematurely by a crazy person in traffic.” Is that spiritually true? The angels backed me into a mental corner, “Do you trust God Ann?” Sheepishly, I answered, “yes,” seeing the error in my prior thinking. I had basically been saying that I trusted that unconscious drivers were more powerful than God. The fear, and the upset, were uprooted for good.

3. Remind Yourself How Deeply You are Loved

You’re loved when you’re happy, sad, cranky, kind, mean, jealous, or anything else. You ave loved without condition by the Divine and your angels. You are loved more than anyone else on earth, including yourself can love you!

I have stood in that light that comes for you after death and it reaches into your very soul, loving parts of you that you didn’t even know needed love.

Sometimes just reminding yourself you are loved can settle down a painful emotion. The root of all painful emotions is the fear or the illusion that love has left us or was never there. In truth, we live, breathe, and abide in love’s embrace… whether we feel it or not. Breathe it in. The angels want to help you feel this love.

While it isn’t always easy to uproot the “weeds” in our psyche, it is always worthwhile! Somehow when you do the love just comes flooding back into your life in ever increasing ways! Thanks to my recent weeding, the energy I was able to surrender to in the last gazing sessions, was more profound than ever before. You can still enjoy the replays on my public figure page on Facebook.

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