Waves passing through

Something wonderful is happening inside each of us. We have been clearing the past, releasing what no longer serves this year and moving into a new light. The earth’s volcanoes were blowing like crazy a few months ago and everything old in people’s lives seems to be transforming into something new if they are willing.

A few weeks ago so many people I talked to had inexplicable waves of sadness passing through them – sudden outbursts of tears with no apparent cause. Apparently it was more widespread than I had believed. Someone asked about it at a recent session in which my friend Summer Bacon was channeling the spirit Dr. Peebles, and spirit said that we were indeed letting go of the past in our lives and with it, there was some grieving. It felt that way when the wave passed through my heart. I just let it flow and let it go.

And suddenly the past patterns don’t have such a grip anymore. When old fears came up around this big plumbing repair I’m having, I just prayed, “God fill these old fears with your love and get rid of them. Allow me to rest securely in the truth of your love. Fill the hands, minds, and hearts of the plumbers with your love and make this repair go smoothly and gracefully. I had no sooner prayed that when I got a call from the plumbing company who has been amazing all these years. They had to reschedule because the guy coming to do the job was out all night on an emergency call. No matter that I had taken my kitchen apart and would have to maneuver around boxes for a few days, ration hot water, and am having company tonight, working tomorrow, and will have holes in the wall in time for my Christmas party. It doesn’t matter. I have water, a roof over my head, and trust that there is some higher order at work. I prayed for the right solution and so it shall be.

It is really past conditioning and past unconscious creations that cause us to doubt in the goodness of God and God’s love. In reality the love is always there. We just didn’t know it. We didn’t grant that love to ourselves. We prayed for what we thought we needed to get what we thought we wanted, when in reality we just want to rest in that beautiful energy and know we are protected, safe, cared for, and connected.

So this season, sit quietly and do pray to feel that love. It changes everything, and it is the secret to enjoying a big of heaven here on earth.

Happy holidays,
Love and hugs,

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