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I used to be insanely analytical. I had to be. I graduated with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame, and worked in avionics. One of my first jobs was writing software that determined which sensors the airplane would use to determine airspeed, navigation signals etc. This involved analyzing the many switches in the cockpit, looking at which sensors were working and active, then figuring out how to feed the navigation computer the most accurate data from the chosen sensors.

My male co-workers humorously called me “the switch bitch” because I was one of the few people who understood the complex algorithms involved in data selection. I began to feel as if my brain was a computer!

It didn’t get much easier when I was promoted to “integration manager”where my job was to coordinate the work of over 100 engineers designing cockpit display software on the Boeing 777 airplane. My brain was always on overdrive, always planning ahead, always figuring out the day’s challenges and trying to anticipate what must be done.

Imagine quitting all that to be a psychic and learning to trust the universe! I didn’t surrender very easily! I identified with my mind. I felt important because I was “smart.” I had not yet become wise…

It took years for me to surrender more fully to the greater intelligence in the universe. I was afraid that if I surrendered I wouldn’t get my way. I was afraid I’d have to leave my desires behind and surrender to the will of a God outside of myself. At the time I didn’t understand that the Divine lives within each of us and that we use our free will to select how we wish to express that love in our lives. It is our desires that give direction to the power that moves us.

So now when I have a challenge or a dream, I sit, breathe, and ask, “What next? It has become second nature. In fact, I’ve done a lot of sitting and breathing these past few months! I’ve allowed the Creator to move me through all sorts of challenges, step by step by step.

When I found out how much it would cost to hire someone to optimize my website I sat back, breathed, and within a few days discovered a wonderful, affordable online course. When the yard flooded I sat and breathed and was guided to a sweet little pump and some great repair folks. When, after years I got serious about converting my books to Kindle, I was guided to a great service that I’m now working with.

When I slipped and landed on my tailbone a rock and couldn’t move, I was guided to breathe and allow the powers in the universe to flow through and heal me, so I could hike two miles back to my car. Subsequently I was guided to one of my favorite healers who helped me really reap the rewards of the shock to my system, as old crystallized energies were broken apart and moved on through.

I usually queue my newsletters a week or two in advance, but this week was too busy to get ahead, so I was breathing late Friday night asking for a newsletter when this one arrived!

The brain has a glorious place in your life, but it is a tool meant to serve you. When your thoughts reflect your desires and dreams, they are useful. When they spin in circles and drive you crazy, that is the time to reconnect with the ocean of love that lives within and allow it to move you forward in your life.

Here are few easy ways to connect with the ocean of love and wisdom that live within…

1. Do the angels’ easy breathing meditation…

Breathe in. Imagine a wave of love rising up within you. Exhale. Imagine relaxing back into an ocean of love. Breathe in. Feel the love rising up within. Exhale. Relax back into an ocean of love. Do this a few minutes. Then ask, “What is my next step?”

Trust what you feel, hear, see, or know. No answer means relax and wait for further instructions.

2. Focus on a loving distraction

If you find yourself over-analyzing or obsessing on a problem or challenge, take a breather. Distract yourself. Focus on anything else that feels like love. “Any love connects you to all love,” the angels like to say.

They have, on occasion sent me for coffee or a pedicure to get me out of my mind, and refocus me on a more loving, relaxed vibration. In that space guidance comes easily.

For example, I felt blocked in channeling this week’s newsletter so I sat breathed and realized I wanted to watch an episode of “Treehouse Masters” before getting back to work. Of course, after that, the angel message flowed easily!

3. If you absolutely can’t quiet your mind, play with it…

When your mind is spinning in circles, have a little fun with it. Allow yourself to dream up and list every possible outcome, solution, or way to handle your challenge, ranging from the practical to the absurd.

Something in doing this exercise makes you realize that the universe has an infinite number of ways it can solve your problem and that you know only a fraction of them. Once the mind has been allowed to have its say, it will calm down.

For example, in my younger days I was obsessed with a relationship and desperately trying to figure out if I should “get into it,” “how it would go,” etc. The angels knew I’d mess it up if I weren’t in the present so they got me out of my mental “death grip” by listing a variety of possibilities – some wildly absurd…

Lets see Ann, “You could become lovers. You could be friends. You could have an argument and end up hating each other. You could go for a hike and get eaten by bears…” They went on and on, until I realized my mind had completely gone crazy. I let go of my “need to know” and dropped back into enjoying the present moment! We became the dearest of friends.

Say you’re obsessing over how to pay a bill. Get creative and write down as many possible solutions as you can think of, no matter how crazy…

– someone could gift me
– I could find money
– the bill could be forgiven
– I could help a kind stranger who insists on giving me money
– a fairie godmother could appear and give me money for my bill
– I could discover a hidden talent and become wildly rich
– I could win the lottery
– I could talk to the lender and they could grant me an amazing payment plan
– I could jump into a different parallel reality where I have no debt
– I could throw caution to the wind, not pay the bill and see what happens
– I could find ways to market my gifts
– I could suddenly be guided to a better job that helps
– I could dream of a solution while I’m sleeping
– The bank could make an error and put money in my account
– I’ll draw stick figure cats for people and make $10 per drawing and go viral

By the way that last one is realthis guy made a fortune on it and then became a public speaker! If the universe gave you that idea… would you do it? Maybe not, but perhaps you’ll have your own crazy solutions!

We have so much help. So many of us have been trained to figure everything out on our own, or ask everyone else we know, but there’s an easier way to solve everything and that is to get into a space where the universe can give us the best, most amazing, easy, and fun guidance possible

Have fun playing with these ideas this week. An ocean of love is carrying and guiding us all. Breathe… sink into it and relax.

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