Unrest isn’t so bad…

Because of my work, I get to see patterns that seem to thread themselves through human consciousness. When I experience some growth and then see droves of clients coming in with the same issues I know that the world is up to something big. For example, my mini health crisis a few weeks back caused me to really have a look at what behaviors I wanted in my life and what I did not. As soon as I got that cleared up I was able to get going on the projects that truly inspire me. I got my Dancing with Angels CD done, taught a really fun class, and am up to several more fun things that I’ll be able to announce shortly.

Similarly I have watched waves of clients coming in that are now finding their own voices, pursuing their own goals and dreams, and tell me, often woefully, that they have become downright intolerant of nonsense in their lives. That is a good thing! When we define clearly what we don’t want, then we know what we do. When we stop doing the things that don’t support our hearts, we find time to do the ones that do. And while we all have many obligations, our greatest obligation is to find time, if even in small doses, to support our joy, our God given talents, and the things that add light to our lives.

There is unrest in the world now but it doesn’t scare me, nor does it inspire me. What inspires me is the lovely stirred up passion I feel in my own heart for my own projects. What inspires me is seeing others all stirred up and ready to create movement in their lives. This unrest within our hearts can be a good thing, as long as we don’t use it to beat ourselves up or blame others. It can help us sift through the muck in our lives to find the kernels of truth.

When you really get in touch with what you don’t want, flip it over and see what you do! Sometimes your greatest complaint can lead to your greatest passion. In my past it bothered me deeply to see people feeling totally disempowered when I knew there was so much inside of them. I now have a whole career trying to help people find their spiritual power! In school it bothered me that things were presented in such complicated ways, so now I try to teach in the simplest way possible. I don’t care for drab and uninspiring environments and so now I try to share the world’s color, beauty, and diversity with others in any way I can.

As you feel the unrest in the world, you can turn your complaints inside out to find your greatest passions! You can turn your greatest upset inside out and find your life’s purpose! As you feel the unrest in the world, and perhaps in your heart, do as the angels do and fall in love… because the truth of you will set you free!

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