In my role as an angel communicator, I have witnessed the incredible tenacity of the human spirit, and the incredible power of asking the deeper questions. One amazing woman comes to mind as I write this. She is an angel on earth. She raised her beautiful kids, took care of grandkids, and worked even to support a her husband who wasn’t making so much. They had a beautiful family for a long time. However, somewhere along the line, the drift began to pull them further apart. She was working so hard, without much support in any area of her life. Needless to say there wasn’t much time for dating or romance. He was feeling bad about not being able to contribute more, and to make a long story short, he cheated on her and told her he was leaving the marriage.

This sweet angel came to me sick, financially in a quandary, and left to care for the kids all by herself. What amazed me was that she had the courage to ask the deeper question. She didn’t ask, “What do I do?” or “Why did this happen?” first. She asked “What do I have to learn from this?” I was in awe of her willingness to embrace spiritual truth at such a difficult time in her life.

The angels kindly showed her how she had asked for help, but had given up after being ignored a few times. They showed her how she never insisted that her husband contribute more when he could, how she had put herself last and everyone else first, and sadly… everyone else put her last too. To her amazing credit, she embraced the task of learning to love and care for herself with gusto. She was able to find her power, forgive her ex, improve her finances, and be a happy empowered woman with beautiful, amazing kids. Her willingness to remember her own beautiful spirit transformed her life.

So when the tough stuff happens, and it does while we’re on earth, it is fine to ask, “Why?” and “What do I do?” but first trying the angels suggestions and seek the deeper solutions.

Here are a few tips to handle life’s challenges this week…

1. Pick one challenge and ask yourself: “Dear Divine Light within me… What am I seeking to remember through this situation? How am I seeking love?”

I’ve got rats living in my backyard, for example. I don’t want to hire someone to kill them, and I don’t want them living there! So I asked the questions above. The answers came quickly… “You are seeking to remember that you can co-exist with even the so-called pests and parasites in life as long as you don’t feed them. You don’t have to go to war with them. You don’t have to be upset. You can simply stop leaveing food out and ask them to leave. Give them fair warning and if they aren’t out, then you will be seeking to know it is self-loving and absolutely OK to set a healthy boundary about who and what exists in your space in life.”

Clearly this answer was about more than rats, and I knew if I embraced the message, I’d have an easier time dealing with uninvited energies of any sort…

2.Next ask, “How does this apply to the rest of my life?

I knew the answer to this one. I’ve been really upset a few times this year about people who felt they could push their way into my life, and assert their will over my own. Life was telling me to stop “feeding” those folks with attention and leave them alone, or if necessary, not to feel guilty at all about about choosing to be around kinder individuals. I got the message

3. Take guided action, “Divine light, show me the next step in addressing this challenge.”

If you change your energy, the situation will automatically starts to self-correct. Nonetheless there may be steps to take now in the physical world. Rather than wracking your brain to figure out what to do, just ask.

In my case, I stopped putting out birdseed. When I saw the rat community out for a sunset dinner, I went outside and told them very directly that they had to go live in the field down the street because if they were here in a few months I might have to take drastic measures. I even had a chat with the fairies in the back yard, asking them to help facilitate a peaceful solution. Only a few stragglers have been around since. The rest are either in hiding or contemplating a move!

While it is easy to seek superficial solutions for life’s challenges, if we dive a little deeper and get to the root of the matter, then we learn our lessons. In the long run that means we get to live a happier, easier, more grace-filled, and loving life.

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