Trusting God

Years ago the angels told me I didn’t trust God. “What do you mean?” I asked. I thought I trusted God.”Well I guess I trust God in MOST areas of my life,” I said upon further thought. “You either trust God in all areas or you don’t trust God,” they replied. They are right. Either you trust God loves you and cares about you, or you don’t. And if you don’t, that doesn’t mean God cares any less, it just means you won’t feel the love. The sky is blue whether or not the clouds hide it.

Trusting God’s love means trusting that if you do what is joyous and happy for yourself in each moment, the kindest thing you can choose – for yourself – given each situation, then the universe as it is designed, can mirror that love back to you, make your life easier, and amplify the guidance you are already receiving.

Take today’s class. It popped in my head last year as I listened to Robin Miller’s song, “Dancing with Angels.” I realized I hadn’t’ taught an angel class in ages. The thought excited me and I jumped on it. Within a few days I had ads made up, the web site updated, and the newsletters ready to go. I was excited, passionate about teaching this and felt this amazing rush of energy. It is like this when I follow my heart – things flow easily for me, and help the people involved in the endeavor enjoy it as well.

Trusting God means that if you have an urge to stop for a cup of coffee on the way home you do it, and it will either uplift you and change your vibration, or it will help you run into an old friend, or give you an opportunity to chat with someone that can answer a question. Trusting God means knowing that while you can offer all the love and wisdom you have to another, ultimately their lesson and their path are between them and God. Trusting God means knowing that you your needs will be taken care of as long as you take care of yourself to the best of your ability. Trust God means trusting your own ability to make good decisions, your own ability to be honest with yourself, and your own ability to say what is really in your heart at any given moment. Time to be silent and check in with your heart is absolutely essential when you want to live this way. You can’t come from the head alone. You have to stop, breathe, and say, “What do I really want in this mo ment?” “What do I want to say and how can I say it kindly? What do I want to do given the resources I have right now?” Then do it, say it, be it. That is honoring the movement of God.

Trust is not blind, but built upon experience. So try trusting God this week. Pick something you don’t know how to solve, or something you want to create. Do only what you feel like doing and know to do. Then leaves the rest up to God and see what happens. Don’t go looking for signs or straining to get answers. Just live your life and see what shows up. The more I learn to live this way, the easier and happier life gets. It does involve unlearning a lot of the ways of the world, but in the end, I’d rather learn beliefs and behaviors that work, rather than sticking to comfy old ones that don’t 🙂

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