I’ve been praying to learn to love those who are difficult — for example the person who tailgated me so close at 75 mph on the freeway that he had to brake and weave back and forth to avoid hitting me, the person that scowls at me when I say a cheerful hello, and the one who inconsiderately rams into me with a shopping cart. I’m not too great at this lately. I’ve been feeling these pretty intense energies and its all I can do at times to maintain even keel. I’m trying to take the higher road each day and not slip into anger at those who practice careless and thoughtless behavior that affects my life.

I experienced the tailgater in traffic last week. I wasn’t in a very compassionate space because I was tired, and I was frustrated, trying to understand how God could expect me to feel good about someone who was so clearly endangering my life. The angels who, with me, are quite the loving but tough taskmasters gave me this response:

“Dear Ann, either you trust God to keep you alive on this planet or you don’t. Fear is not an excuse to stop loving. We understand that you wish for everyone on this planet to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and loving but the truth of the matter is some are not there. The ones who aren’t are in even greater need of your love. This one in traffic behind you is angry, frustrated, harried, and hurried. If a client came to you in this state, or a friend, wouldn’t you fall in love and try to offer them kindness?”

Got it 🙂 I am still a work in progress as we all are 🙂 I find also that it is much easier to be kind on the days when I’ve been kind to myself. It is much easier to love when I’ve taken care of my own basic needs. The angels say this year is going to be quite exciting in terms of God stirring up the pot to bring human hearts to the surface, so I think its important for all of us to take care of ourselves and be kind to ourselves so we can be more loving. As one of the angels once told me, “Ann don’t see the reward of being loved in return. Seek the reward in the loving.” So true.

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