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When I was an engineer, I reached a point where I hated my job. I worked 90 hours a week, 7 days a week and more was expected every day. I worked with some amazing people but also quite a few who whined as much as I wanted to. And I wanted out. I realize looking back that I was not going to be allowed to leave before I learned to bring love into the situation. At one point in this miserable, angry state inside of myself it dawned on me, that nothing was going to change for now and so I better change. I started to do what I could to make the intense work environment kinder. I brought in snacks, decorated during the holidays, used humor, improved the lines of communication and did whatever it took to help the group I was working for. Although my schedule didn’t ease up, my heart did, and when the time came to leave I did so knowing I had done my best. I had also, unwittingly with all that overtime money, created a buffer with which I could start my angel c areer.

I have watched many people transform their lives by simply adding more love. Love doesn’t mean putting up with abuse, nor does it mean keeping quiet if something isn’t right. It just means you can bring your best self into any situation you find yourself no matter what.

I have seen many people change their careers over the course of my career as an angel communicator. It starts simply. They do what they love in small doses, as time permits, on the side. They donate, trade, or sell their services for a small fee as they develop confidence. Little by little their joy increases because they are doing what they love if only in small doses. This love doesn’t have to be something you charge for. It can be volunteering, spending time with kids, animals, baking, creative work, you name it. But when you do things for the love of it in your life, your focus on the joy magically starts to pull you in that direction. Little by little, even if you are working in a job “just” for the money, you realize that is OK! It is ok to support yourself while you have your fun outside of work. It is ok to live comfortably for awhile as you start something else up. You don’t have to do kamikaze style growth like I did when I quit sudde nly and ended up living on total faith. That was my path, both because I needed to learn it and I needed to teach it. You can create your transitions much more gently.

If you do find yourself in a position where you are doing something you love on the side, keep the focus on love, not money, because that is where you will find joy. You can enjoy the process of getting to your goals and have a lifetime of rich days, not a lifetime of impoverished, stressed out days hoping to someday feel better. Our experience really is defined by our choice and perception. One decision to bring my best self to work changed my experience of corporate work, completed my lessons there, and eventually allowed me to leave with my head held high. One day I went to a job I was starting to hate. The next day I went to a job that I decided would teach me to bring my best self and be the light in the darkness. It was a tiny shift in perception within my head, but in reality it was a choice between heaven and hell. Both exist as options no matter what circumstance we find ourselves within. So when you do something and think you “Have to” find a reason you “Choose to” because in reality there are always choices.

I choose to do things for the love of it these days whenever I have that choice. I’m currently sponsoring a concert for the sheer love of the music I want to hear and the delight of giving back to someone whose work adds a whole new dimension to my own seminars. I’m working on a photo site for the joy of sharing the incredible beauty that I have been blessed to see in nature. I am working hard, not making much money on these things, but loving every last minute. The logical ones around me stand nonplussed while my heart sings with joy. And in the end a heart filled with joy is the greatest measure of spiritual wealth. There is no sin in wanting more. Just make sure you enjoy the journey getting there. That way the road you travel now is blessed with true abundance as well!

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