Transforming the challenges

I have been praying that prayer for years, and recently I’ve had many occasions to bring light into otherwise not so fun situations as well. The Holidays don’t always turn out as expected, but they can always be filled with light and joy! When I broke the toe before Thanksgiving, I knew I had a choice. I could beat myself up for being clumsy and make it mean all sorts of things about how my holidays, my exercise program, etc. were ruined, or I could do as the angels jokingly say, “Look at just the facts ma’am,” and say, “Ok, I’ve got a broken bone. I have to go slower and I may ache, but that is it!” I’m still exercising (you can do some aerobics on 1 1/2 feet!). I still got my decorations up, the turkey was awesome, gifts are coming along, and I am happy.

Just when I achieved that mental miracle the next challenge arrived. I got a water softener as you’ve heard a few times to fix the problem of water heaters konking out repeatedly. However, it was eating salt at a rate far more rapid than normal. The wonderful folks from the company came out… again… for free to check it out. Ends up it wasn’t their product at all. Apparently I have a leak in the plumbing in the floor of my house! I started spiraling down when I got the news! Visions of having my entire house torn apart torn apart for the holidays popped in my head. A twinge of financial fear started to grab me. I breathed, called in God’s light into the situation and stopped the insane train of thoughts. “Just the facts ma’am!” Actually the facts were far better than my initial reaction. Insurance will pay for the fix. The wonderful plumbers that have helped me before came out immediately and are going to re-route the plumbing through the roof rather than ripping up my entire house. And although I may end up with a few large holes in my wall while friends gather for holiday cheer, it isn’t going to phase me. I have a home to be grateful for. I have friends I love. I have insurance with a deductible that isn’t too awful. I’m very lucky indeed.

I am seeing lately just how much time and energy can be wasted bemoaning situations that we’d rather not deal with. Yes it is true. During the holidays I’d rather have ten unbroken toes sitting in a pedicure chair! I’d rather not have my walls and roof taken apart. But in the long run, I will have better posture and be more balanced in body since I broke the good foot and now have to balance out! I will save a lot of money on electric and water bills and my home will no longer have a big leak. I will be truly fulfilled in my desire to have God’s light permeate every cell of my body and every crack and crevice of my home. The light is coming into the darkened areas of life and filling them, transforming them, changing them for the better. And that is the truth of God’s love. That is the truth that awaits all of use. That is the real meaning of Christmas after all, as we all seek to transform any areas of our lives that are not working perfectly, with the light and love of God .

Happy Holiday Season to all of you,

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