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I felt so much love coming through from above as I channeled this week’s message. It is true. Happiness comes from inside. We all say it and yet I have worked years of my life to get to a point where there’s been enough practice to be happy even when stuff breaks, people aren’t kind, and life doesn’t go as expected. Of course I’m human! I have moments of tantrums, tears… you name it. But they pass much more quickly and sometimes don’t even arise as they used to.

Life is meant to be celebrated and I had to laugh because I’m celebrating this weekend by speaking at “Celebrate Your Life” in Chicago. Last November when I spoke at this conference in Phoenix, I actually got nervous. I was in a roomful of famous authors talking about their next PBS specials and charitable foundations and I felt small. But I got over it quickly after the angels gave me a kind reminder that its not the scale of what we do in the world but whether or not we are being true to ourselves in each moment. And so with that in mind, I practiced becoming impeccably true to myself in each moment and have been happier than ever before as of late.

I can’t wait to speak this time. Its not about ‘performing well’ or ‘fitting in.’ Its just about being me and sharing what I have to share. And I know in that frame of mind it will go really well.

The angels have taught me that if we just be ourselves, kindly, honestly, and impeccably, life sorts itself out around us. What serves our hearts remains in our lives and what doesn’t evolves out. Life begins to flow kindly and gently, and even though life is life – things break, people aren’t always kind, things don’t always go as planned – you can trust that these things are just little bends in the great river of God’s love and float through these moments without getting stuck.

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