Last weekend I knew I needed rest so I did all my chores and most of my errands the week before. I did the newsletter early in the week, answered emails and grocery shopped during my lunch breaks, did laundry and housecleaning on Friday night, went to the vet early on Saturday for the furry kids and then cleared the schedule. Nothing to do and nothing planned! I was thrilled.

That used to panic me.

We all say we want more time for ourselves. Yet it has been my experience that when people have time on their hands with nothing to do, no schedule, no chores, and no obligations, that they freak out! Relaxing is a skill most of us have to remember. I like the word “remember” … it signifies to me that we gather all the members of our inner committee in our heads back together again! When we remember to relax we become one person once again instead of the myriad of voices that clamor for attention during our busy days.

Our society trains us to think that if we’re not being productive, we’re “wasting time”… as if time is a commodity that can run out and that we must cram everything possible into, every living second. “Guess what, Ann,” the angels often remind me… “You have eternity! What is the rush to accomplish so much?” We have only one NOW. Might as well make the best of it. So last weekend, I turned off the voices that programmed me to be productive, and I made a vow to myself NOT to do anything but listen to my heart, and flow with my spirit. Time seemed to stretch on forever. I exercised in the mornings, cooked for the week, relaxed in the swimming pool, read a book, played with the dogs, visited a thrift store and found the jelly jars I needed for the jam I wanted to make, made the jam, read another book, watched the baby pigeons try out their wings, clipped all the magazines that had been sitting on my table for months and scanned in the articles I wanted to save, puttered around the house organizing stuff, invited friends for dinner Saturday and cooked for them, and the list goes on… Time stretched on forever. Everything was done at a slow leisurely pace. I felt unrushed, unhurried, an joyously unproductive. Only when writing this paragraph did I realize how much DID get acomplished. To me resting is sometimes sitting still, but more so resting is living in the flow, one moment at a time, doing what I feel like when I feel like it. We can’t live this way all the time. I schedule my weekdays in detail. But when I can carve time out to go with the flow, I feel rejuvenated, rested, and relaxed… and even get a lot done without feeling rushed at all.

Living in the moment, we don’t miss our lives. We feel like we have more time. But when we focus on the future or the past, we do miss the moments, we miss our lives, we miss the opportunities for heaven that are right here and right now,
and time flies. Why not spend a little time here and there – when you can – savoring every sweet second 🙂

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