I grew up Catholic. When I was younger, I loved going to the “band mass” where a small trio played upbeat music at our services. I had a terrible voice but loved to sing anyway and one of my favorite tunes was, “They’ll know we are Christians by our Love.” I liked the message!

Fast forward. I’m 40 something, a mystic now, and driving to a lecture/booksigning on “Bridging the Gap Between Christianity & Mysticism.” My viewpoint is that the greatest commandment IS love. So when a car driving like the proverbial bat-out-of-you-know-where cut me off at high speeds, I knew I was being challenged to practice what I preach. I figured the driver must be pretty stressed out to be driving in such an unsafe manner, so I said a brief prayer for his or her well-being. I felt the familiar warmth of happy angels around me and heard them giggling in my head.

“Look at the license plate!” my angels giggled. It read “CHRIS10s”. “Got it God,” I smiled to myself! The Christians in front of me needed a dose of love as I went on my way to lecture about briding the gap. God has a great sense of humor!

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