The way out is up

There have been many times in my life when I did not feel free. When I was working in engineering and wanting to get out, I felt trapped until the angels taught me to pour all my love into my job and the people I worked with. It was a fantastic lesson for me. I learned that choosing to bring love into a situation that I didn’t like transformed it… and more importantly, transformed me. I discovered deep satisfaction in service, and after truly embracing this lesson, I was guided to quit.

There have been times I felt trapped in my body due to illness or pain. I once wrote a friend and asked for a few words of encouragement. “Fear not, we will not be in these bodies forever,” he said. I laughed so hard! Of course I didn’t want to wait until dying to feel better! Nonetheless, I knew he spoke truth and was reminding me to appreciate the experience of being in a body no matter what! The laughter itself began to heal me.

Now, I rarely feel trapped. The way “out” of a situation is always to go “up” in vibration – to find the good in each moment, and to bring as much love into the situation as you possibly can. In this reality you become a beacon for love everywhere you go, and sooner or later, in one form or another, love always comes back.

I had a beautiful example of that recently. Three years ago I was standing in a long line waiting to get into a Braco gaze in Portland. I knew it would be an hour wait. I was like a puppy waiting to go for a walk, because I was so eager to experience the energy. To pass the time, I started chatting with the gentleman behind me in line. It ends up he had just received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I’m sure nothing could make a person feel more trapped than to hear you are in a body that is going to kill you.

Nonetheless his attitude was amazing. I was inspired to inspire him. I told him all about Braco, how to best receive the energy, encouraged him to believe he would be healed. Another woman with wonderful energy and resources chimed in, also lending support and encouragement. The hour in line flew by, and soon we parted ways to find our seats. I saw him on and off throughout that day but never knew what came of him.

Last weekend I was in Santa Monica at a live Braco event. I saw a man who looked familiar sitting a few seats from me, but I couldn’t figure out how I knew him. He got up in front of the room to share. “Three years ago,” he said, “I had terminal cancer and I went to see Braco in Portland for the first time, not sure what to expect. I stood next to this lady named Ann and she told me all about him…” and he went on to share his story of receiving miraculous help and healing. I burst into tears.

A boring wait in line turned into a chain reaction that not only helped this dear soul receive the energy that kept him alive, but now he was an advocate for others with cancer, helping them on their journey. His amazing attitude and willingness to receive freed him from the bondage of his disease. He came back to his seat, and in front of the whole room, we hugged and cried.

Here are a few tips to experience your freedom this week…

1. When you feel trapped, remember, the way out of a situation is always to go up in vibration.

There is a tendency when we feel trapped, to desperately trying to figure out a way “out.” Better to stop, breathe, and go “up” by raising your vibration. Ask yourself, “What is good about right now?” “How can I bring love into this situation?”

2. Choose thoughts that free you to create your future, rather than thoughts that enslave you to your past

Our conditioning can be like a jail cell that holds us captive in a very limited reality. “My life will never change.” “I’ll be stuck in this job forever.” “I can’t do what I want because I have to be there for others.” I hear these things in my office frequently.

In reality, these are conditioned beliefs. Question them. Are you really as trapped as you think? Ask friends for alternate solutions. Search the Internet for stories about people who have overcome the situations you feel trap you. Be open to new ways of thinking.

3. Imagine the reality you want to create

The minute you imagine and feel the reality you wish to create, you begin to vibrationally free yourself from present conditions and attract miraculous help from the universe. Free yourself to dream new realities!

This week, even with all its fun, obligations, and intense feelings that the holidays tend to bring, stop and breathe every now and then and remember you are eternally, in each moment, free to embrace a loving reality!


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