Its so funny. I had time to channel the angel message but couldn’t for the life of me, think of something relevant to share at the moment since my week has been remarkable calm. I did enjoy the conference, and am looking forward to the next one, but at the moment, redecorating my bedroom has been the big excitment in my spare time.

So, I gave up trying to force myself to come up with a story and ran to the home store to grab some paint to match some I already had. Wouldn’t you know it, I meet an angel at the paint counter. The man mixing the paint not only took a long time to help me get exactly the right shade, but in the meantime educated me on investing, taught me about paint techniques, shared some gourmet cooking advice, and even encouraged me to “Trust that miracles can happen when you don’t even think anything’s coming your way.” Furthermore he had me in stitches laughing when he started joking rather loudly about me being a very SMALL MEDIUM!! Remember last week when the angels told us to appreciate EVERYONE? Well this gentleman mixing paint at the home store did so for the love of interacting with people. He was also a gourmet cook, acted in his past, invested in his spare time, and loved Italy. I had a fantastic time chatting and my life was enriched.

You never know what lies beneath the surface of another human being. You never know till you open up to receiving God’s love how it might pour into your life. We want it so badly in carefully controlled ways that we often miss the magic that happens when we let go of our expectations and simply expect good to come into our lives. My morning had been frustrating. But instead of whining all day, I had a quick private hissy fit, got over it, scheduled a new repairman next week, and prayed for God to change the day around. Sure enough… it all fell into place.

Expect the unexpected for that is where the true delight in life is to be found.

Have a miraculous week 🙂

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