The only real security

People are always asking me how I’m managing my money, whether I’m cashing in my retirement account from my former job, stocking up on food, and so on and so forth. These are legitimate questions. But the answer is always, I’m not doing a thing. I haven’t been guided to so I don’t. I stock up on food only when it goes on sale and that is for practical reasons. I do have enough to share, but not because I’m fearful – because I’m one quarter Polish and somewhere in the Polish culture it must say that we are born and bred to feed everyone until they burst!

Seriously I do not take actions based on fear anymore. Being human I DO experience fear. I’ve felt the crazy energy like everyone else. People aren’t sleeping well. Some are edgy or nervous for no good reason. We live on a planet fueled by a star and we have electromagnetic fields around us that respond to energy our sun emits. Lately our sun has been emitting a lot of energy! X-class solar flares were going off and the energy was entering earth’s atmosphere, creating beautiful northern lights, and I believe, changes in our own auras as well. Every time we have solar flares, I see waves of people coming in with deep stuff getting stirred up. It might be coincidence, but I doubt it. When I feel intense energy I always check out the earthquake activity via the USGS site, and the solar activity via It is an interesting study.

That said, we are still created and kept alive by the very presence and love of God within us, as are all beings. So no matter how much energy is getting stirred up if we make our choices based on love, and only when we are calm and in a loving space, they will be good choices. If your intention is to be safe and secure, find that safety and security in the only real place you can find it – in God! A bank account isn’t assurance of safety – look at the Great Depression. A solid home isn’t an assurance of safety – and bless those who know this all too well. A partner isn’t an assurance of security, nor is any other early thing or being. God is the assurance of safety and security and only when you rest in that big beautiful love do you truly feel secure.

When I quit engineering to become psychic in the window at a local bookstore, some days I made nothing. Some days I took home $6. I was terrified until at long last I realized God had my back. Somehow it all worked out. I remember one day when I wanted a cup of coffee very badly but decided not to buy it because I was afraid I wouldn’t make anything that day. “Buy the coffee for goodness sake!” the angels told me. So I spent the $3, thanked God for the caffeinated love (complete with whipped cream!) and proceeded to be busier than I had been prior that very day. An abundant and grateful heart acknowledged the security that was already there waiting for me to claim it!

So this week when you are seeking security in something external, take a moment. Take a breath and say a little prayer, “God, I want to rest in You, knowing that You are the one who will always take care of my needs. You are my rock and my foundation, my safety and my security. I believe you love me and I want to experience that love in all ways, in all areas of my life.. Thank you.” Then take care of your home, your bank account, and your life situations, because we are still human- but try to do so without fear, and with huge doses of faith! It’ll change your life!

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