The little everyday miracles

We look for God’s love in the grandiose things in our life, the big relief we get when we solve a problem or work through an issue, the reward we take after working hard, the appreciation of others, and yet the angels have taught me to see God’s love in the smallest of ways. A bee buzzing around a flower is a miracule if you consider the delicacy of the wings, the intricate colors, the mechanics of his little legs, and the way he gathers nectar. The flower is a miracle too with its papery petals, and glorious textures. And how about the sun that shines down on both of them? And the rain that waters them? The angels say we take so much for granted, and yet miracles are all around us. Scientists don’t even know all the wonders of the human body yet! And yet we walk around in one every day.

Ask and you shall receive we are told. It is true. Every day I wake up and as the angels have instructed me, add to my prayers, “God I am ready to receive your love. Go before me and make my day smooth. Bring me joy and miracles, and wonderful surprises.” When I remember that prayer with sincerity the days are full of unexpected surprises if I listen to my heart, rest when needed, and take time to do my work and chores consciously.

Miracles can even be the unexpected answer to a question. I turned the news on the other night and as always it was rather dismal. I prayed for the world, then asked God if it would ever get better. Forgetting the question I went out back to do a little yard work, just in time to see a beautiful rainbow forming in the heavens… God’s promise of dry land after Noah’s flood – and in modern days, a promise that light is always present in its glorious spectrum, even amidst the storms. I LOVE it when heaven puts on a display like that.

So ask for your miraculous experessions of God’s love and expect the unexpected answers. Life can be magical if we honor the little things – not just the answers to our big prayers, but the wonderful ways in which God’s love is always present for us to know.

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