The gift of God’s love for another

I had the most amazing experience the other day. I was driving through a section of town where people aren’t doing too well. As I waited at a stoplight I saw a young black man sitting on the curb, head in his hands. Although he looked tough on the outside, he looked tired on the inside. The angels gave me a “download” as I looked at him. They told me he was hard working, trying to help his family, and stay out of the trouble, but he was exhausted and feeling like life was just going to be hard.

Suddenly I heard the angels in my head say, “Go back and give him $20.” The light had turned green and I had already turned the corner but the urge inside was so strong, I pulled over, turned around and parked behind him. He looked up at me suspiciously as I approached. I was direct, “I know your going to think this is weird, but I talk to angels and they just told me you were working very hard in your life and to give you $20.” I handed him the $20 and he looked at me in total surprise. “Somebody up there loves you,” I said and looked into his eyes.

I thought he was going to cry – his face softened and his eyes got moist. It wasn’t about the money. It was about the love. It was about letting this kid who was obviously trying to get to work and do his best, know that no matter how hard life gets, God doesn’t forget you. I felt all that pass through me as we looked at one another. “Good luck,” I said and left, but then I had to get in the car and cry because I felt God’s love for this young man pouring through my entire being as if I were simply a vessel through which water was poured. The love was so huge and so profound, that I could barely focus on the road. It brought me to tears. He gave me the peace sign as I drove back and I smiled and waved back. Truly I received much more than I was able to give.

The love I felt is how much God loves us all. It is mind blowing, profound, unconditional, sweet and all-encompassing. This is what EACH of us can feel if we open up to receive God’s love. And the more we listen to our hearts, the happier we get, and the more we can give. This truly is living in the flow of Grace. I want more of it, and so I am committed to greater levels of self love, because as the angels say, the true SELF was created by God. What’s not to love 🙂

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