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When I first quit engineering, I spent the entire summer writing my book, “Whispers of the Spirit.” I wanted it published right away and never thought to ask why. If I had dropped into my heart, I would have realized that I simply wanted to help others learn what I had learned the hard way. I wanted to do so in a way that honored my own spirit as well. Over time, God guided me to counsel and teach. Years later, when I was finally rooted in a self-loving reality I was actually ready to my personal story.

Likewise, in my thirties, after I transitioned out of engineering and into being an angel communicator, I thought I wanted a relationship. Had I taken time to clarify my desires, I would have realized that I simply wanted to feel loved and validated after I had been rejected by almost everyone in my old life and reality. Had I focused on that true desire, God would have sent me wonderful people to love and validate me. In fact they were all around me! Instead I was narrowly focused on receiving that energy from a man. “Needy girl” met “needy guy” several times in a row, and it was not a fun set of lessons, but I did learn a lot!

For years I prayed to feel and share God’s love more strongly, but I had to cultivate so much inside of myself before I was ready. I had to learn so much about being present, about loving myself, about boundaries energetically and otherwise. I had to learn humility, patience, and surrender at deep levels. When I was ripe, the energy came. Now I have a lot more to learn.

Trusting God’s timing and learning to seek the essence of what you want to create, can be extremely practical as well. Last weekend, I drove up north to hike. After a beautiful day, I had the desire to get home, relax, swim, and enjoy the evening. Instead I found myself stuck in a twenty mile traffic jam on the highway with nowhere else to go. I could have become frustrated, angry, and impatient, fearing that my evening was ruined. Instead, I realized that I could enjoy the essence of my desire for a relaxing evening, even if I was doing it from my car! I listened to meditations, challenged myself to see the beauty along side the road, and took time to pray for everyone I’d promised to pray for. I ran energy, listened to music, and imagined the searing hot sun blazing through the car window was filling and energizing every cell in my body! A two hour drive took five and a half, but by the time I got home I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

So when you want something, know that God put the truest desires in your heart and they will come to pass as you align your entire being with them. But, don’t wait to be happy. Remind yourself that you can enjoy life right now. You can create the essential qualities of what you want right now. If you want money to feel secure, do things that make you feel secure. If you want to avoid loneliness, volunteer your time. If you are bored, try new things until you discover a passion. If you want greater health take time each day to imagine what true health feels like rather than focusing on pain, and take the necessary steps to bring about well being. If you want love, find it inside first and love the world. It’ll love you right back and those who don’t will leave you alone.

Always, the power to find the essence of the thing or situation you want to create is inside of you. Start there, and you will enjoy a happy existence, even while you are creating more.

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  1. Anonymous July 23, 2013 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    LOL! the angels are playing with me – I really needed a reminder and here it is! Thank you Ann! And I thank the angels for guiding me to this web page and this message. 🙂

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