As I child I learned I was a creation of God. I never quite understood that. Perhaps God picked up a lump of clay, made a mini-me, and breathed life into it. Then he plopped me into my mommy as a tiny cell until I grew into a whole baby? That never quite felt right! Something in me always felt there was more to the story.

As I grew and started to understand the mystical nature of life, the very first thing that happened was that my ego resisted the notion that I was one of God’s beautiful dreams. “No way! I don’t live inside of anything! I’m real! Not made up!” …As if being dreamed up and loved by the creator of universes wasn’t enough, my ego rebelled in a mighty way! I wanted to be important! I wanted to be special! I didn’t want to be some puppet inside the Divine mind who was going to be jerked around if I didn’t do what God wanted!” I never consciously thought those thoughts, I just witnessed the stirring of ego’s illusions and resistance.

As I started to connect with this love that lives inside, however, the ego calmed down. It felt pretty blissful to surrender to the magnificent Presence that lives within all of us. It was mind blowing as I settled into the real understanding that our free will gives us the power to create whatever we wish.

It felt delicious to know I wasn’t and could never ever be alone. I felt surrounded in love, grounded in love, swimming in love. In my most foul mood and loneliest moments, I realized I was simply lost in illusions… Love is and was always there, waiting for me to acknowledge it. I felt more “myself,” not less, when I surrendered to this Presence. Life became so much easier.

Now my first go-to solution to all of life’s challenges is to sit quietly, relax, and remind myself that I am enveloped in a love more powerful and vast that I can possibly imagine. I literally sit, breathe, and start to think about how magnificent it is to be embraced, created, and filled by a love so vast and magnificent that it moves oceans, creates stars, turns galaxies, and inhabits everything in the known and unknown universe.

Some say it takes years of meditation to reach this point. I have never meditated consistently. Some say it takes self sacrifice, special diets, certain disciplines, etc. to reconnect with the Creator’s love. I say all it takes is the ability to bring yourself into the present moment, however you do that, and to connect with the energy of love, and then choose to keep focusing on it while it amplifies.

It is easier than we make it. Worthiness is not an issue. This love wants to reveal itself to us all. We just have to get our disbelief and doubts out of the way. I know… easier said than done, but it IS worth the work 🙂

Here are some pointers to understand God, and your true nature more deeply this week.

1. Imagine three versions of yourself all living amazing lives – anything you like. Then ask them what they would like to do next.

For example as I write this, I imagine one of me living in a beautiful dream home I’ve seen online near nature with views that expand my heart, doing more online classes and gazing, writing books, and teaching more. She wants to write more books and share all she knows.

There is another version living on the beach somewhere remote, eating mangoes, practicing mental mastery, and simply relaxing as I quietly meditate on the world’s behalf… She tells me that what is up next is simply a nice walk in the jungle followed by hours of quiet explorations out of body and some painting… Painting? Really? That was unexpected!

You can go on and create as many version of you as you like! As you get to know them, you will also be getting to know your own deeper dreams. You will be relating to them as God relates to you.

2. Imagine loving each and every one of these characters

Just sit and feel your love for them, as strongly as you would for children if you have them, or your pets, or a prized creation. In your imagination surround the with love. Imagine them glowing with love. Imagine them living a beautiful life.

3. Now, sit quietly and feel God’s love for you.

Now acknowledged that you are like one of these characters living within the Divine mind, swimming and breathing in love. Really look around your room until you are all there and full present. Think of someone or something you love until you feel love in your heart.

Now, shut your eyes. Breathe deeply and imagine a vast and magnificent energy of love coming up from deep within you, filling you, spilling over into your home, your life, every aspect of your existence. Enjoy the feeling.

Sitting inside of this Presence that dreams us into being and dreams entire universes might make you feel small at first… until you realize that this presence of love that lives within all things is You! Amazing, yes? Enjoy your magnificence!

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