I read an email today from a musical group (2002) whose music I greatly enjoy. They happen to live in TX. They’re going through the freezing, rolling blackouts, but with their usual good attitude, reported that they were focused on preserving their instruments and even sent a photo with “the refugees” as they called their numerous harps and guitars, sitting together in a safe room in the house. The fact that they’d even think to communicate with their fans during such hardship is incredible. All I could think was “What an amazing attitude.” It is no wonder they continue to be beloved by their fans.

Embracing the present is powerful for all challenges great and small. My challenges these days are nothing compared to what a lot of you are, and have gone through, but I’ll share a few stories anyway to illustrate how being patient in the present works. In my past, the minute I had a challenge, my brain started spinning into overdrive, trying to find solutions. Now I sit, wait, get in the now, raise my vibe, and wait for the solution “to drop in.”

I got myself a bit ungrounded earlier in the week. I had been intending very strongly to get a miraculous adjustment of my spine. Ever since an accident in 2004 I’ve been off and even the best of chiropractors couldn’t quite get me back on track. Well, wish fulfilled! I was expanding into the wonderful new energies coming into the planet, totally blissing out and feeling a massive, expansive love, when I lost track of where and when I was, and somehow left body. It was like missing a frame in a movie I was playing in, and all the sudden I regained awareness as I fell to the floor. Splat! Owwwwww. My knee came down hard on the tile and so did my shoulder. Talk about not being present! I laid there in absolute wonder, pondering how on earth that could have happened.

The weirdest and most wonderful thing occurred next. I assessed the situation and got fully, deeply present. “OK! I’m on the floor. Don’t exactly know how this happened. Hurts like you know what! I don’t think anything is broken. I am who I am. Life is what it is. What next?” Suddenly I felt elated. Crazy happy. While still in a lot of pain. It was surreal. I knew I was getting my adjustment. I knew I would heal. I felt the love of Spirit flooding me. I hoisted up, hobbled to the first aid supplies, put some arnica on what now looked like a grapefruit sized knee, grabbed an ice bag, elevated it on my office wastebasket and called my next client. I was so present with the love in the moment that my last two readings were joyous. I got up and nearly tipped over again from the pain that suddenly reminded me I was injured, but I knew it would be OK.

Later that night I got fully present with the pain. I dove into it with all my awareness. The best I can describe this is that I focused on it so deeply with no judgment at all, that I felt as if I was going into my knee as energy, sitting as light next to the energy of the pain, melting into it, embracing it, merging with it, and bringing into the light. Within minutes everything felt much better. I fell asleep and woke up with an orange instead of a grapefruit-sized knee. I’m still swollen and sore, but I’m happy! After gazing with Braco online I felt even better. Things are all moving towards that wonderful feeling of freedom in the body that I’ve been imagining and intending.

That would have been victory enough, but it just so happened that I had a delivery of 600 lbs of boards scheduled later in the day with “curbside drop off” – meaning I was responsible for hauling it into the garage. It would not have been a problem to drag boards into the garage one by one had I been able to bend or walk, but in the moment, that was out of the question!

Instead of getting all mental about who to call for help or what to do, I simply got present. “Here I am. Life is what it is. I am who I am. What next?” I appreciated the fact that I was healing. I appreciated the beautiful day. I appreciated my guides. Suddenly a peace came over me. I had the clear thought, “Do nothing. It is handled.” So I did nothing. I called no one. The delivery man came, took one look at me and although he technically wasn’t supposed to, helped me haul all those boards into the garage. My knee held up and actually felt better after the exercise. I gave him a good tip and we both had a wonderful win-win situation.

I was basking in that bliss of that interchange, when a quote from a handyman came in with a price that nearly caused me to drop to the floor once again! I’m sure it was fair but I had been terribly naive about how much it would cost to saw and attach all those boards into the planter boxes I wanted to build. Now I had a stack of boards and no “plan B.”

I got present again. I sat there and appreciated the fact that when I don’t know what to do God does. I appreciated the fact that I had help earlier, that my knee was getting better by the minute (that was my inner reality!), that every problem I’ve ever had before was resolved. In the midst of feeling very grateful for life, a friend’s face popped clearly into my mind. I wrote to ask him if he knew someone with the right kind of saw and got a humorous response that he had exactly that and would come help me out for free or whatever I wanted to contribute. We were both happy at the prospect of friendship and a fun project. When its guided, the soltuion is always win-win.

These are very small challenges compared to covid, freezing weather, rolling blackouts, loss of life, and so much more that so many are dealing with. Still, the process for receiving help from the universe is the same, no matter what we’re facing. Get present. Accept the here and now as it is. Drop inward and find things to appreciate. Trust and wait for guidance. Be patient, because patience, according to google’s dictionary is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” Beyond patience is the willingness to appreciate what we can, and in that higher vibe, guidance always comes.

Here are a few pointers how to cultivate patience in the Present

1. Accept your own feelings and first reaction

When something you don’t like happens, you have to be Present with yourself first. “I am who I am,” is the name of God in the Old Testament, and the name of the Divine within you in any given moment. “I am who I am… now.” I am angry. I am frustrated. I am confused. I am scared. I am hopeful… Accept yourself.

Say,”I am who I am.” Give yourself a hug. Tell yourself, “Its going to be OK. God and the angels are with us.” It is only the scared child within that is angry, frustrated, confused, fearful, etc. The soul knows there is a solution.

In accepting yourself, as is, in the moment, you are sitting in love and solidarity with those scared, angry, lost parts of self that are asking for love.

2. Accept life as it is in the here and now.

Life is what it is. Something happened. You’ve acknowledged you don’t like it. You can’t go back and change the past. It is what it is. This doesn’t mean you want to stay stuck. It is just the next step in opening up to help.

Life is what it is. Throwing tantrums, feeling powerless, etc., although a very normal human first reaction, are just way of avoiding dealing with the Present moment. Life is what it is. Stop fighting the fact. We’d waste our energy complaining that the sky is blue. It is what it is. We’d relinquish our power whining about things that have already happened. They are what they are.

Better to focus forward and get out of the mess, than to resistantly thrash around in it.

3. What next?

You’ve embraced your own feelings. You’ve embraced what is going on? Now what? What next? You might know the next step. You might not. You can always dive inward and find appreciation for things and people that are working in your life now. It is an interesting thing that a tiny splinter can make us forget all the good-feeling parts of our body, and a problem, no matter how large it seems can overshadow all that is good.

We can retrain ourselves to focus on and appreciate the good, and to put our problems – which can at times seem devastating  – into a bigger perspective. There have been times I’ve even said, “Well I could die from this condition, but at least I know I’ll end up in total bliss in heaven!” That was powerful! I had immediate relief when I came to that state of appreciation once in the past.

In appreciating what we can, we are surrendering to the flow of love that wants to come into us, and assist us and guide us to the best, most loving, win-win solution for our needs.

Last week when I put out the newsletter on challenges being opportunities I suspected I’d be given some opportunities this week! So be it! I’m joyous for the angel-training that always leads to wonderful solutions. We are all loved more than we canpossibly imagine. We all have more help waiting to pour into our lives than any one of us allows in on a regular basis.

So when things aren’t as you wish, be patient, surrender, and start to appreciate what you can… then let the magic happen.

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