Sit, breathe, wait for help

There are times when I’ve felt pretty slam-dunked by my lessons. There are times when I’ve thrown tantrums, bargained with God, and did all the things we humans do when we feel helpless. Then the angels would always come in and remind me that they saw me as a child in need of love and would just hold me until I grew up again and started assuming my place in the universe. Once they teased me, saying, “Yes last night you threw a tantrum unto the heavens unlike any we have ever seen. We got out our popcorn and watched the sparks fly!” I had to laugh. Another time they said, “We love it when your green eyes shoot sparks.” Now how could I stay upset at that?! I have learned over the years to catch myself at the onset of a tantrum, to breathe when feeling desperate for help, and to sit, pray, and receive God’s love when I feel nutty or helpless. Then, when I’m calm, I get back in touch with what I want and pray for it.

A month or so ago, I was bombarded by a very nasty energy. This was a doosey. It was one of those vibrations that dredges up all your past life fears. I was convinced that I wasn’t safe on earth. I had all sorts of negative thoughts bombarding me, that I knew weren’t from me at all. I realized that I had to get a grip on myself, and clear out this other energy. I had no clue what it was or how I let it in.

I did what I always do when I feel clueless. I turned to God. I reminded myself that He loves me and that me shivering in unknown fears isn’t exactly what He has in mind for my life; therefore, I was stuck in some illusion and had something to learn. I sat, breathed, and asked for guidance and understanding as to my lessons and what I needed to do to feel better again. In this case was guided to ask for human help (Susan Palmer rocks at clearings – [email protected]). The shaking and freezing stopped and I was able to see how I allowed this energy into my system. I had just gotten a bit worn out and tired and had forgotten to set up my energetic boundaries. I have to do this every day or I get myself in trouble. Once again I’m in truth affirming that I am made of God’s love and here to give and receive it. I feel like me again.

When you find yourself in a situation you’d rather not be in, sit, breathe, and wait for inspiration or guidance. You may need to pray for comfort, patience, or peace first. You may be guided to ask for human help. You may be guided to rest, take time off, or use your focus to clear your thoughts. Trust what you feel after you have calmed down. God wants to help you learn more easily. Its not the preference of a loving creator to see us struggle so much. We do that on our own. Instead of screaming, “I want help; I want money; I want someone or something to change,” pray… “God help me learn and help my life change gracefully.” “God help me feel your abundance in my heart so I can manifest it in my life. I give thanks for all I do have.” “God help me learn how to be loving to myself and others, and work this situation out.” Those prayers work better in my experience – they put you in a much nicer vibrational space. After all, you can’t manifest diamonds while focusing on doo doo! (Want a laugh – as I was spell-checking my computer wanted to change this to read “doom doom”… oh how funny!)

My favorite prayer every morning these days is:

God, fill my mind, heart, body, soul, friends, family, home and dogs with Your grace. Fill every one of my activities with Your grace. Go before me and pave the way with magic and miracles. Make Your desires for me, be my desires. Make Your thoughts, my thoughts. Make the words You wish to speak through me be my words. Thy will be done… and make me love it! Let me see me through your eyes.

Then I take a minute, breathe in God’s love until I feel full and go about my day. Take time this week to ask for more help. Pray to understand the lessons and trust understanding will come. Pray for God to assist you into a better space and wait for inspiration. Your prayers are all heard, but the ones you pray with power and sincerity carry more weight in the universe than angry, victimized, helpless, or uninspired prayer. After all you WERE made in God’s image and likeness, and so in truth, you are powerful, loving, and deserving of all help!

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