A very beautiful soul wrote me this week and we got into a discussion about the human suffering that is going on. It caused me to reflect on how I view this and I want to share what I wrote with you.

I live in two worlds. I’m human. I feel pain, witness horror, cry my eyes out and some days can hardly bear to witness so much human suffering both due to disasters and the human suffering that crosses my path every day in the form of my client’s lives. The thought of another hurricane is unbelievable and I pray for all involved, esp. former clients who have been in two hurricanes now. It is unthinkable.

The other side of me talks to angels. In their reality, there are no victims because our souls come to earth to learn and make choices about all we will experience, even those who experience horrific disasters such as this one. I know at a human level it is hard for me or anyone else to understand why a soul would do this. But when I get the chance to see it through the angel’s eyes, even if only momentarily, I see souls who want to increase their faith in God, learn surrender, learn that they will be taken care of by others, change the course of their existence radically and start over, etc. These are reasons the souls would choose to experience such horror. The ones that died are with God and are truly home. They too made choices at the soul level to transition and help from the other side. No one dies without their soul’s and God’s permission. Of course our personalities are rarely involved and at the human level it is terrifying and horrible to witness and deal with. I remember many deaths from past lives and I fought each one with everything in me only to find an incredible peace and light on the other side. I remember that light too and so from that perspective I know that although life is precious beyond comprehension, death is not the end but rather a homecoming. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight like crazy to save my life or others, but it gives me a little peace of mind as I watch these events.

It IS hard being human and being a spiritual being who loves and cares and hates to see anyone in pain. We do all we can to prevent that and we should. As this beautiful woman who wrote in pointed out, we need to all be accountable for our actions. And yet I believe those of you on this list also struggle to remember the angelic perspective, that in God’s eyes, all is well, all is a classroom in the eyes of a soul, and hard as it gets in your life or the lives of others, you can trust our destination is a very great homecoming in heaven some day.

So how to balance being human and spirit? Do what you are guided to do in every way possible to express your gifts and talents into the world and to make the contributions you are guided to make no matter how great or small. And know for each one of you that is what your role is meant to be. God does know how to coordinate both lessons and relief – how to allow the suffering souls grow through and how to raise them up in the thick of it, either on this side or the other. It IS very hard to see life this way, harder still to balance this perspective while maintaining huge compassion. And yet we came programmed to be compassionate, to love, to serve, and to try to learn to balance that with taking care of ourselves as well. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” means we need to do both. We have the tools and the help from heaven.

Be in peace and serve according to the dictates of your heart / God’s guidance,

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