See beneath the mask

The more I gaze and the more I work with angels, the more I am able to see the beauty in people’s souls, no matter what they bring to the surface. I walked through the airport after filming series 7 of “Ann & the Angels” last spring just marveling at the fact that one light and one love animated all these people running around – some happy, some sad, and yet all made of the very same. I felt Love itself looking through my eyes at itself in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. There was no possibility of feeling alone in that light 🙂

More recently I got to go to Los Angeles to see a premier of a movie about Braco and to see him gaze. I sat in a theater with hundreds of people and once again witnessed everyone turning into the One beautiful sea of white light that sources us all. I had the sense of being family amidst strangers. It was lovely!

The more we acknowledge this light in ourselves, the more we can love ourselves, no matter what is going on. The more we can see it in others, the more we feel the bond of our shared human experience… and the less we take bad behaviors personally. We’re all the same, just different expressions of Light and Love in 7 billion different “costumes.” Some remember, some forget, but we can choose to live in the peace of remembering.

Here are a few tips to make this awareness more practical…

1. Imagine earth is one big costume party

As human beings we are Divine love in costume. See if you can regard everyone this week with a sense of wonder, curiosity, etc. Why did they dress that way? Why did they choose to be male/female, tall/short, etc. Why are they angry or happy? Just look at them with wonder, knowing there is One light clothed in so many different forms. So much energy is freed up witin us when we no longer have to judge but can just regard everyone with wonder.

2.Practice “Namaste”

Many of you have heard the phrase “Namaste” which means “The Divine in me honors the Divine in you.” See if you can imagine the light within you looking through your eyes, witnessing itself beneath the surface of everyone else’s human “costume!” Imagine that light inside of everyone you see this week, no matter how brilliant or dim. It feels wonderful!

3. If Someone is Upsetting, Focus on their light, not their darkness…

If someone is upsetting, try not to judge them or take their behavior personally. Instead try to observe them, as a child would, with a sense of wonder. “I wonder why they act as they do?”

If you don’t want to be around them leave, by all means, but see if you can imagine the spark of light within them, at their heart area, and imagine it expanding to fill them. Even at a distance you can imagine their light, rather than focusing on their darkness.

4. Remember YOU are this love and light too!

Look in the mirror. Look in your own eyes. Ask to see the Divine light inside of you. How can you ever criticize that? The rest is just a costume.

Enjoy the many costumes that Divine love wears this week, and celebrate that light inside of yourself. Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate that too!

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