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I am SO excited! I recently finished filming Series 6 of Ann & the Angels – “Abundance with the Angels – Living with the Currency of Love.” The energy that went into it is delightful. I lived the material thoroughly for 11 weeks, then after fixing my Thanksgiving dinner for friends and getting the house decorated for Christmas, I finally felt inspired to get it all structured and on paper. Good thing – I had only one week to create 12 episodes, 12 outfits, and pack before going out to film! During that same time I also spent a day gazing, worked full time, and had several other commitments.

It seemed impossible to my limited human mind!

However, as the saying goes, “All things are possible with God,” and I knew that if God had not motivated me to begin putting these episodes into a structure, there was a good reason! I soon realized that I had embraced “abundance” in terms of having bills paid, and having stuff I needed miraculously flow into my life in ways I could not even imagine! However, I had yet to embrace having an “abundance” of time! I was always feeling as if there were never enough hours in the day to do all I wanted and needed to do! So I challenged myself to embrace all the principles that I am teaching in regards to money, but to apply the same principles to my time.

I focused on appreciating all the time I did have! Time on earth. Time to eat. Time to sleep enough. And then I got more present than I have ever been! I focused intensely, and only, on the task at hand. I eliminated distractions. I stopped running to the kitchen to snack every time I reached a spot where I didn’t know how to proceed! I kept affirming, “I have all the time I need to get this done smoothly and gracefully.” Guess what… I did. I thought I was going to have to stay up all night, one night, but got so focused and present I was able to get enough sleep to feel rested. Somehow, miraculously, I ended up with both a series… and outfits (!) in time to go film. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Arriving at the airport in California, I saw a big banner advertising an event. In huge red letters it said SPARK OF LOVE! I smiled, knowing I’d passed my own tests! Filming went without a problem. Memorizing episodes was easy. Even my hair behaved! I have never packed so much in and yet felt so unrushed! The angel energy in the room was so strong I was nearly reduced to tears on several occasions. There was just so much love. At one point, I actually felt viewers in the future having an “ah ha” moment. More tears… It touches my heart to touch hearts.

So here I am home again, working full time, packing clients in morning till night to prepare for time off during the holidays, and yet feeling unrushed, happy, and in the holiday mood. Presence truly is a present we give ourselves first,and what a delight it is!

So this week, try to breathe. Focus on what you are doing with all your heart… and you may just find as I did, that we really do have an abundance of time, when we savor our moments, and fill them with love, rather than rushing just to get through our days.

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