A few weeks ago the angels suggested I look around and reconsider all aspects of my life and lifestyle to re-evaluate what truly serves me. That surprised me. I’ve been cleaning out closets for years. But after pondering their words I began to see what they were talking about. Take my old CD collection for example. Since I was a child I’ve been collecting music. Even though I’ve digitized all my CDs, I’ve had to hang on to the originals to remain legal. But do I really listen to them all? Do I really need the CD Nature Sounds collection now that I record my own nature sounds? Do I really listen to all those oldies? I began to question everything. It became apparent I need to clear out not only my hard drive but my closets as well. It became clear that I could move many of the remaining CDs into storage boxes and make room in my living area for things I use more often.

What no longer serves me? Hmm. I started looking around my home and realized that the way I use my house and stuff has changed over the years. Some things that aren’t used as frequently should be up high on the shelves in labeled boxes, while other things that I use every day could be more accessible. I could sort through the photos on my hard drive and get rid of the ones that no longer give me joy rather than stressing about the fact that my hard drive is almost full.

I need to enjoy the things I do have more often. I need to make time out to do crafts, smell the flowers I so meticulously planted in the yard, and either use the stuff in my pantry or donate it to others.

“Re-evaluate everything,” they told me. “What about my web site?” I asked. I have so many ideas about how I could upgrade it and add more for everyone else. “Nothing is wrong with it now,” the angels replied and you have no real desire to think about an upgrade. You just think you should.” Ha! Busted again. I let go of even thinking about it for now and felt like I was granted magical amounts of time to do what really mattered. I know I have to simplify the newsletter in the future as well, for my sake and yours!

Little by little I saw what the angels were talking about and while it is an on-going process to re-evaluate what serves me in my life and what does not, it feels SO good to de-clutter even further, to get rid of more stuff and to lighten the load. “You’ll eventually become almost zen-like,” they told me. Hmm… for a woman who has accumulated quite a bit over the years that sound refreshing. I’m not there yet! In fact, I’m no longer in a rush to get there… or anywhere for that matter. Maybe the peace of living in the present moment, while little by little ridding myself of anything that does not serve me now, is the real “zen-like” feeling they were talking about 🙂

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