I used to be a control freak for a living. At one time, I was an engineering planner, responsible for coordinating over a hundred engineers on a project involving thousands of people. I had to keep everyone in sync, coordinate goals and schedules, keep track of daily progress, and solve problems as fast as they occurred. I had to be on top of everything and had to be aware of everyone involved. As you can imagine, learning to surrender was quite an effort!

I’ll never forget a session with the angels through my friend Summer. She’s an amazing trance medium. “How do I stop stressing out?” I asked. Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through her, repeated what my angels had been telling me for some time, only much more directly. “Remind yourself you’re not in control! An asteroid could come through your roof any day,” he finished humorously. (Within a month asteroids were coming through roofs in Russia!) I groaned. I knew he was right. I kept hearing my angels say, “Let go! Surrender!” Finally I took their words to heart.

Every time I got stressed I’d remind myself, “You’re not in control Ann. The universe works fine without your input! Trust!” I started humorously saying to God, “You know what you’re doing!” I knew I was simply reminding myself! Amazingly I started to relax. I immersed myself in living the serenity prayer – changing what I could, accepting what I couldn’t, and striving to have the wisdom to know the difference. I reminded myself that I was loved, guided, and cared for. I started to breathe more easily.

Just the other day I had a humorous reminder of how well the universe works when I surrender. Earlier this week I had a long list of things to do on my home office day. At the top was “Mail Christmas Packages!” I put the packages in the car and was all ready to drop them off… until I got distracted by the urge to Christmas shop, get a cup of coffee, run my other errands, do my accounting, answer a few hundred emails, queue up facebook posts, straighten up the house and more. I totally forgot to go to the post office.

Elated with my day, I didn’t realize my oversight until just before bedtime!I started to get upset with myself. I had no idea when I’d get to the post office due to an insanely busy week and I needed to send some of those packages right away. So, as always, I gave the problem to the universe and decided to bask in the glow of a very productive day.

Tuesday a client finished early. I had half an hour before the next one when I got the sudden urge to go to the post office. It seemed absurd to think I could get there, get in and out and get back in time for my next client, but the feeling wouldn’t go away so I hopped in the car and decided to trust. Sure enough, there was no traffic, no line, and I was back in 25 minutes. Had I gone the day before I heard the line had been insanely long! In all things great and small, God knows best, even for our schedules!

Here are a few tips to help you let go of control, and trust you are loved and guided…

1. When You’re stressed, go back to the goal

When you’re stressed ask yourself? What do I want that I don’t feel I can control now?

It may be getting somewhere on time, getting something accomplished, getting a bill paid, wanting someone else to be healthy, happy, wanting your kids to be safe, or even wanting to find the perfect present…

Imagine placing your wish in a letter and sending it to God and your angels… or just tell them right now what you want help with.

2. Ask yourself, “What can I do now?”

If there’s something obvious, do it. If not remind yourself that the angels and the creator of the universe is working on it. Imagine your angels standing before you telling you, “Relax, we’ve got you covered! We’ll let you know when you need to do something.” If you have time, sit, breathe, and ask your angels to give you a big, reassuring hug.

3. Enjoy Your Day

When you don’t know what to do, and after you’ve given your desires to the universe, go about enjoying your day – here and now. If you place an order at a restaurant, the angels say, you’ll keep busy and trust it will arrive! Enjoy your time while the universe works to deliver a beautiful solution to your desires. A happy now = a happy later!

Sunday before gazing, my internet went out. I focused on it working and told the universe to get on it! I reset the modem and computer. It still was flaky. I was inspired to get my portable hotspot working as a backup. I sat there and waited for inspiration. Suddenly a prayer arose within me… “By the power of the Divine within, I command this internet to work right now.” I watched as the lights indicating the connection stabilized in front of my eyes!

We are SO loved, so guided, so cared for. The universe cares about everything you care about. We just have to believe, and chill out, so we can receive. Control is highly overrated and causes stress. Surrender is so sweet.

Love you all!

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