Relax and ask for help

The angels make me laugh. I know how many people write in to say these messages help them but frequenly I feel as if the angels are reminding me as well. I was in the middle of a very busy office day on Monday. My graphics card in the computer broke down last week, the lawn was seeded with winter grass and the pooches were tracking in dirt all week, I have a need for air conditioning repair, unexpected car maintenance, and a whole long list of errands today.

Nonetheless I felt pretty good and decided to escape and take a good long walk in the woods on Sunday. About two miles in, the angels lovingly suggested I turn around and cut the hike short and go home. I didn’t want to but their voices were so loving that I listened and did so. I realized as soon as I turned around, that my body was pooped from a long week and that by going back I would feel good instead of exhausted. My heart really did want to go back – it was my head that tried to talk me into pushing things. And luckily I got back home early because I realized that the ‘spill’ I thought was water on the rug was instead a gift from my dogs. All night the smell got worse! I love my dogs, but I couldn’t stand it. I stopped, prayed and asked for guidance. Drag it outside, hose it off, use enzyme, then douse it with vinegar I heard. And so there I was in my pajamas at 4:00 am dragging one very heavy stinky rug out of my family room and draping it over my metal patio furniture to be cleaned. Inside again, I disinfected everything including ME then got back in bed and slept a little.

Surprisingly I’m in a good mood as I write this. Its amazing how the guidance can come, frustrations can be soothed, and prayers can be answered when we just stop and sit still and ask for a little help. God has better things to do than help me clean house, but God is God – the great all-that-is, and so He’s got time for my little problems (big to me that night!) as well as the world’s grand messes.

So don’t hesistate to ask for help on all things great and small. There is no need to solve any problem on your own. I don’t anymore. I don’t even worry about being worthy, ‘bothering’ God, or whether or toughing it out. I sit still and ask for help, and then I go about my business trusting that help will come.

God really does care but you can only receive the help if you are willing to believe it is there, take the time to receive it, and trust that the answers will come in right timing.

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