I once lived in an apartment building whose windows overlooked the swimming pool area. One day, sitting with the windows open I heard the delightful laughter of two little girls. One was standing on the pool step with arms wide open. “My ocean is clear and sparkly today!” she declared. Her sister pouted. “It’s my ocean too!” “OK THEN, Me and Erin’s ocean is clear and sparkly today!” the older one pronounced. The younger one smiled and came to stand beside her in “their ocean.” Their ocean was very real to them!

Another time I was on a trip to attend gazing sessions with Braco. I had arrived late the night before and went to the hotel pool for a swim. I was promptly adopted by two little girls. One looked at my necklace which has the Braco sun symbol on it. She whispered to me, “I have a power necklace too!” I grinned. She felt it. “Tell me about yours,” I whispered conspiratorially. She showed me her plastic beaded necklace with a plastic shell on it. “Wow,” I exclaimed. “That does look powerful. What does it do?” “Well,” she leaned in closer and whispered, “We can’t tell the boys, but my sister and I are mermaids, and this keeps the bad mermaids away!” She was deeply serious! We had a lot of fun swimming that night knowing we were protected from the “bad mermaids!”

Children do not distinguish easily between inner and outer reality. It is all real to them. I used to be as happy flying in my own mind as I was when on playground equipment that made me feel like flying. When I was very young and bored at the concerts that my parents enjoyed, I went into inner worlds and had a fantastic time until the event was over! It was all real to me.

Somewhere along the line however, we get told that our inner reality isn’t real. “It’s all in your mind. That’s just your imagination.” I remember feeling so sad that the adults couldn’t enjoy my inner world, and even sadder when I succumbed to the programming and gave it all up as mere fantasy.

It was like reclaiming a piece of my soul when I started my spiritual journey and started having inner experiences that were completely real to me – visits with angels, past life memories, experiences in other dimensions. Some would still chalk it up to wild fantasy but I experience a very “real” reality in these spaces. They are just as real as my outer world, and often more so.

When life doesn’t look like I want or even if it does and I want more, I dive inward. I create worlds. I imagined gum cells in mouth reproducing like crazy, climbing and hugging my teeth, and was guided to things that helped them regrow. I imagined my home before I found it. I imagine goodness and grace on all day trips and have wonderful synchronicities. I spend time every single day imaging the best possible day and the best possible life. It all eventually comes true if I hold the vision.

We are consciousness traveling through an infinite matrix of possible experiences. It is in our inner world that we “tune in” to these various experiences that we wish to out-picture. It is in our inner world that we find the feelings of our futures!

So, is your inner world real? Mine is… How about yours 🙂

Here are a few tips for enjoying your inner world more often, and creating from the inside out

1. Allow yourself to daydream

Day dreaming is anything but a waste of time. It is the fertile territory in which we explore possible futures. What thoughts feel good to you? What fantasies make your soul soar?  What possibilities give you tingles or at least good vibes?  Indulge. Focus on these things.

You don’t have to know how to get there, be that, or experience it. You are already there, it, experiencing it inside!  The universe can handle the rest.

2. Remind yourself, the joy is in the journey

If you’re in a sad external situation creating a happy one inwardly is a fantastic way to enjoy the journey and cause things to shift.

I imagined light pouring through the roots of each tooth, every night until I saw them washed clean. I saw, in my minds eyes soothing light washing over and healing my gums, until it did. I imagined doing the happy dance and telling you that I healed without a root canal, and I did.

Whatever you are imagining with conviction now begins to make you feel good now, and brings that situation into your external reality quicker.

3. Remember your external reality was what you created in the past

Don’t keep saying, “I’m imagining something, but it isn’t here. It doesn’t work!” You’re looking externally at what you created internally in your past.  If you keep flip-flopping between the internal reality and the external focus, you can easily water down your manifestations. Handle the outer world but feel the delightful one inside!

The external reality is the effect of your energies within.
Don’t let it become the cause of the energies within!

We have been talked out of our natural ability to create worlds from within. We did it so naturally as little children.

I imagined teaching and writing before I was five years old and here I am now. I imagined backyard filled with nature when I was little reading my “Ranger Rick” nature magazines and now I enjoy that. I imagined a life filled with love, and it is now… I did all those things before I knew there was such a thing called manifesting, and I bet you did too!

We all have this wisdom. We all did it naturally.

It is a great time to reclaim your inner world, and let it start to dictate the outer, rather than vice versa.

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