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I have watered my life with tears often, only to come out the other side into the sunshine, as the angels like to say. Recently when eight inches of mold grew in a bathroom cabinet in only three days it scared the living daylights out of me. Visions of my house being eaten by fuzzy black microscopic creatures danced in my head. I went on the warpath with bleach, vinegar, pine sol, peroxide, tea tree oil, you name it. I cleaned everything out of the bathroom, down to the last nail polish and bleached all of that. I gave away excess, threw away stuff that was too old to use, and moved into the other bathroom so as to avoid moisture problems.

For awhile, I was too scared to call a mold expert in to have a look. One quoted me quite a hefty rate and that was just for starters. A few weeks ago however, the angels pointed out to me that fear was a moldy old energy and it would be better to focus on having a shiny clean home and to focus on the fact that I had wanted to redo the bathroom since I moved in. It was true! What a way to create change! So I focused on my clean house and truly in the last few weeks cleaned everything down to the baseboards and walls. My house started feeling very happy since I was giving it a lot of love. And suddenly spirit inspired me to call back the mold company with the insane quote. It ends up they had misunderstood what I needed, and assumed I needed more than a check. So for a very reasonable fee, they came out and checked my house. It ends up that channeling the Queen of Clean these past few weeks paid off. I have no leaks, no more mold, and am clear to redo the bathroom when I can save up and get it done. Funny that the bathroom is symbolic of cleaning!!! I was SO relieved.

I know had I continued to live in fear, that mold would have grown and caused me a big problem. It was my teacher. Instead I focused on the clean house, and cleaned the house. I waited for God to inspire me as to what to do next. I didn’t let fear eat away at what was good and true in my soul. I didn’t panic and pay the huge rate the mold men originally wanted. And so now I have a new adventure ahead when I can – to create a space I’ve always wanted. Who knows when that will happen? I do trust the universe and it’s wonderful magic to continue to assist me there as well.

When we focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t, we attract help in getting it. When we focus on what we are trying to avoid we just give it more energy! I no longer want my energy going into anything other than believing in God’s great love. I DO, in my mind of course believe in that all the time. Now however, it seems the universe is saying, let’s put that into practice Ann and let yourself have life run more smoothly and easily. I like that lesson. I like releasing the struggles, being patient, waiting for good answers, and then acting. And in that space, I have found a flow of Divine Grace that is even better than before.

So if you find yourself facing challenge of any sort, the first step is to avoid getting into a tizzy and realize there is just something to learn. Then focus on the outcome you want. Assume God loves you enough to help you. Be patient and wait for the next step and in the meantime, enjoy your life. Act on guidance. And watch the magic of God’s love unfold in your life !!

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