Plugging into my heart

I am one of the few adults I know who doesn’t have a cell phone… at least at the time I’m writing this! I haven’t had the need. I love technology but I also love pure, unfiltered, Life. I need to unplug regularly so I can reconnect with God, my angels, and my own spirit.

Towards that goal, I spend a few minutes on the patio every morning over breakfast – smelling the roses, being with beautiful nature, and listening to the birds. Other mornings I read something inspirational or sit and ponder new ideas. It sets my day off to a great start and helps me stay focused on guided priorities.

In a life where I freely offer myself in service, I also have to take a day off periodically and get outside. In the pure energies of nature, I can most easily hear and recalibrate myself with my own heart.

Last weekend, I realized I was long overdue for a hike. When I woke up four hours earlier than the alarm clock, I decided to jump in the car and drive up north. In my zeal to get going, I took off without my camera, left the iPad in the car, and realized the iPod battery was dead,. Without all my devices, I had only sweet silence on those parts of the drive where you don’t get radio signals. I felt unencumbered… and free…

Instead of looking for photos I could share, I soaked up the beauty in silence. Instead of being concerned about who was trying to reach me, I reached inward and reconnected with my heart.

I hiked 8 miles without even realizing how far I’d gone. I walked in cool fresh water up to my knees, sank six inches in the black mud at the bottom of the stream, and luxuriated in the abundance and variety of ferns and wildflowers. I danced, giggling with the butterflies and took a nap near the stream, so far away from anyone else that I awakened to see a vulture – symbol of death and rebirth – circling low over head. “I’m not dead yet! Sorry,” I shouted to him, speaking loudly so the words would carry on the breeze. He swooped down low as if to acknowledge me, and flew away.

The wilderness plugs me back into the wild, untamed, and unfiltered parts of my own soul. A torrent of new ideas poured in during the drive home. A renewed zeal for my projects streamed in through the channels of energy I opened up. The iPad, iPod, camera, and other devices were all waiting for me to be charged up again when I got home…. but I was already charged up!

“We need and love our technology… but don’t forget your spirit needs a recharge too!”
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So this week if you like, here are a few simple steps you can use to recharge your soul…

1. Set aside time to unplug… Literally

Select an hour, a morning, an evening, or an entire day. Turn off, mute, and/or hide the phone, tablets, TVs, computers, etc. Tell everyone who might be concerned that you’ll be in touch later.

2. Engage in “Non-Virtual” Activity

Meet a friend or spend time with spouse, kids, parents or pets – anyone uplifting whose company you adore. Ask them to turn off their devices if possible. Look in their eyes. Hug. Touch. Engage in real “face time” and good conversation.

Alternately, do something you love that isn’t online. I love hiking, botanical gardens, massages, home spa treatments, cooking, crafting, etc. Anythin you enjoy that engages the senses and requires your complete presence will work.

3. Plug Back into Your Own Heart

A few times a day, get really quiet and ask yourself one simple question, “What is important to me now?” Are you honoring that? If not ask your angels to help you figure out how to incorporate what is important into your life.

Now plug back in and enjoy your life!

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