I’ve been finding pennies lately. Lots of them. I have to laugh. i call them my lucky pennies. I kept one in the car and hold it from time to time. I carry one in my purse. They’re little reminders to me that good things can appear out of nowhere, when you least expect it.

I think most of us have noticed that luck isn’t so much tied to chance as it is tied to our energy. I used to say, “I never win a thing,” and of course I didn’t. Then several years ago, I was joking with a friend on my birthday. “I’m going to win the lottery for my birthday!” He joked back, “Nope, sorry I am!” I got stubborn, in a playful way. “No way! It is my birthday! I’m winning tonight! Watch me!”

Just for giggles, I visualized how much fun it would be to tell him I won the next day. The feeling of wanting to playfully “rub it in” was so strong, that for the first time, I won – $50! I had so much fun letting him know! I laughed, knowing that winning a lot of money had never been enough motivation, but showing my friend that manifesting worked was! Sometimes watching our own minds is hilarious.

Years ago I started playing with the angels, “Pennies from heaven? Give me twenties from Heaven.” I started finding $20 bills in parking lots. Somehow I didn’t manage to sustain that creation, but it was fun for a few days! Luck? Not really. It was a strong, stubborn humorous focus on what I wanted.

So when you see people who seem to have “all the luck” remember, something deep in them expects goodness. The more goodness we experience, the more we believe in our own good luck.

Since good luck, or sadly bad luck, can become self-fulfilling prophecy, we might as well start a chain of good luck today by looking for the good in life!

Here are a few pointers this week to increase your “luck!”

1. Count your blessings…

As many times a day as you can, say to yourself, “I’m so lucky! I have …” and fill in the sentence with something you are grateful for.

I’m so lucky! I have a roof over my head.
I’m so lucky! I eat well.
I’m so lucky! I have good people in my life!
I’m so lucky! I get to see the sunrise!

You get the idea. Start to affirm your “luck” every chance you get.

2. Create a Lucky Charm

Do the exercise given by the angels in this week’s newsletter. Find something you like to look at and touch, that is easily carried with you. Program it by declaring:

“This is my lucky charm. I – the Divine presence within me – grant it the power to raise my vibration! Whenever I carry it, look at it our touch it, my energy will go up. I’ll feel better! I’ll attract goodness in my life! This little charm is now my lucky charm, not because it has any power in and of itself, but because I am granting it power through my willing intent!”

Every time something good happens to you when you’re carrying your lucky charm, say to yourself, “Oh yes! I have my lucky charm! It helps me raise my vibration! No wonder this good thing happened.”

You are creating your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

3. Bless others all the time!

When we wish others good luck and blessings, we raise our vibration. Pray for everyone’s dreams to come true. Pray for the happiness and well being of friends, family, the world… Share your “luck” by sharing your blessings, and you’ll be pulling that loving energy to you and through you.

Blessing others blesses you!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all of you! So much love to our Irish friends! And May the Luck of the Divine be with all of you today!

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