Perfect as is

The angels worked with me for years, and still do, to help me catch myself in even the slightest self-criticisms. It is fine to acknowledge when we can do better, be better, look better, or act better, but we can make those decisions, without beating ourselves up, judging and criticizing ourselves.

Every time I teach “Magical Self Love” I make mistakes either in or before the class, and am challenged to not feel stupid about them. The first time I taught the class, I asked the audience to share their worst “flaw” or “self criticism.” A woman in the front raised her hand. As I went to give her the microphone, I slid down four stairs and landed on my back, then popped up laughing. I had no clue why it was funny. Rather than running in embarrassment, changing the topic, or apologizing profusely, I continued on with the class. This wonderful woman looked at me strangely and said, “That’s odd. I was going to tell you my worst flaw was that I’m uncoordinated!” We howled with laughter. I could have judged myself and not even given her the chance to share. Instead, because I had learned to trust in the perfection and love beneath all things – that perfection and love was revealed!

When I filmed the “Magical Self Love” series, my face broke out the night before! I knew as soon as I woke up and saw myself, that this was all about me knowing who and what I really was and getting over any silly small concepts of self… which was exactly what I was teaching! Those breakouts had a purpose and a mission! They forced me to walk my talk! Probably because I embraced them rather than judging, by some technological miracle, the editing process managed to make them disappear. There is perfection in all things. All things are trying to lead you back to love.

There have been times when, quite unconsciously, I’ve said things that weren’t meant to hurt, but did hurt people. Instead of beating myself up, I apologized, learned from them, and became more sensitive with my words. The angels won’t let me indulge in self-criticism. They ask me only to learn.

So this week, try to love yourself rather than judge. If you want to change something about yourself, that’s fine, but do so with love. I’ve had women in my workshops lose weight when they stopped criticizing themselves and instead chose to love themselves as is. I’ve had physical conditions heal when I sent them love and thanked them for teaching me. I’ve seen people suddenly find they had talents they couldn’t believe when they stopped putting themselves down and simply made the commitment to try.

We are all perfect as is, even as we grow into a greater awareness of the beautiful light that we are! As the angels remind us… the acorn is perfect even as it grows into the oak! We are too.

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