Wow, that kind of blew me away. I usually have a crowd of angels that comes through for these messages but tonight as I sat to channel, I was tired and although I wanted to have a finished newsletter, I didn’t really have the energy to do it. So I begged heaven to please come through with a brief but poignant message. My heart began to expand with a bliss that I only feel when Jesus is around, and the words came through with a sweet vibration. See if you can feel them. Mind you I am not religious and I have friends of all faiths, and guides of all “faiths” as well – well, as if guides HAD faiths! They are the first to admit their spirituality is based in the One God, not in man’s creations.

That said, I am learning new levels of peace. Last weekend I got stuck for five hours total in traffic jams, one hour in Sedona and four on the major highway heading home. This occurred shortly after I had sat on a rock near the creek watching an unusually large number of SNAILS creep along the creek bottom. I had marvelled at how serenely and calmly they moved and how they seemed to cover great ground even while moving slowly. I guess Spirit was teaching me a lesson.

We have a tendancy to think that if we slow down things will not get done. We have a tendancy to get anxious when we sit still for too long, and yet, it is in our still time that we connect strongly with God, and our angels have a chance to work with our energy. It is in stillness that we find peace. The angels said, as I was writing “Love is the River”… “If you are on a raft on a river, you are not moving, and yet you ARE moving.” Sometimes we slow down to allow time for God to carry us forward in our lives. Be still for awhile this week. Be at peace.

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