Peace amidst storms

As always the angels are right on target. Sunday I went on a beautiful hike and turned around to look back just in time to see a huge rainbow crossing the darkened sky behind me. Sunshine was ahead and God’s promise shone brightly arc’ing over a canyon in a pitch black sky behind. It was a message to me that we are all looking for the beauty and the love in these difficult times. The angels have been putting me in spiritual boot camp these past few months tasking me in my new relationship to hold nothing back – to share everything within my head and heart with the man I am now dating. And so I have shared my tears, my fears, my love, my insecurities, my quirks, my issues, my requests, etc., and to my delight he has not run off 🙂 The angels always tell me that when we bring ourselves to the surface those who are ready respond with love. And the funny part is that until you’re ready to do that you don’t attract those who are ready to receive it. It took me years to get to this point where I could just be me no matter what the outcome might be.

The angels tell me these hurricanes mirror the inner turmoils of humanity. So the best way to help (other than the obvious contributions we can make if we are guided) is to create peace and calm within ourselves. I had opportunity to do that twice this weekend. I drove to Sedona, 100 miles north of Phoenix Friday night in a blinding torrential rainstorm with huge lightning and bumper to bumper traffic, but somehow after practicing being calm, it was all ok. I made it safe and sound with little fear this time. In the past I would have been petrified. On the way back, I was peaceful as well and intuition told me to back up a little from this one truck ahead of me, moments before its tire shredded and bounced all over the highway. I feel truly blessed.

So this week if you have time, practice becoming still inside yourself for a few moments each day and then from that point of balance (which really improves life to begin with) ask yourself if you are holding back from saying or doing something important to you.

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