I ask for help with nearly everything and lately I’ve been remembering to do this in all things great and small. The humor in the universe just blows me away. Last Sunday I wanted to go up north and go hiking but instead I got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the freeway just outside of town. Four lanes were nearly halted as they merged into one miles ahead. I prayed for a solution. Immediately I got cut off by a car with RED SEA on the license plate. “What,” I asked? The thoughts came quickly! “Red Sea.. Hmm… Moses parted the Red Sea. Oh I often ask God to part the Red Sea when I want traffic to move. OH, I am supposed to part traffic and get off the freeway!!” Immediately I turned on the blinker and started waving and smiling and cars in the lanes to my right let me over just in time to get off the freeway. I didn’t know the area so I just drove with faith and lo and behold, after weaving around unfamiliar roads, I managed to go around five miles of traffic at a standstill and get back on the freeway ahead of the entire mess! I was only ten minutes later than I normally would have been and had the whole day to enjoy! And while this is a small thing, God and the angels really assist with the more important things as well.

Saturday, I asked for my class to flow smoothly and for the angels to be present in a huge way to touch the hearts of all involved and all who tapped into the energy. I have never felt so much love! As I was doing the meditations I felt them flying through me in waves of bliss. The music was awesome, hearts were touched, and I left floating on a cloud. I can’t wait to teach again. Stay tuned :)!!!

So do remember to ask for help because God will help you with all things, great and small… everything from parking spaces to life purpose, bills to ills, where to find the best dinner, and everything in between. God cares about you, your needs, your desires, and your well being. But we have to get out of the way with our disbelief and make a little room for the miracles.

Have a happy week joyfully assisted by angels!

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