Sometimes the angel messages are a challenge to channel. I get interrupted, or something distracts me. This one came pouring through late one night as I was up doing doggie laundry. I had to think about the angels’ message and look back on my life this year. I truly think I have given myself the gift of being true to myself this year, of choosing to love myself in both my glorious and not so brilliant moments. I gave myself gifts of my own time and energy, putting my own projects first so I can build a new foundation for all the creative work I want to do next year. I have given myself the gift of a greater faith and trust in God than I knew before, and the gift of trusting that God will take care of those I care about even when I cannot. It has been a year of both tremendous challenges on the human level, and tremendous beauty on the spiritual. I really felt like I had a lot to give thanks for this past Thanksgiving.

I love and adore the holidays. I am entering them this year in a whole different way than in years past. I still have a lot I want to do. I have a lot I want to make and give. But I’m praying each morning for God to guide my days so in the midst of so many other projects, things are flowing gracefully. I broke another stovetop right before Thanksgiving but found a reasonably priced replacement online, had it delivered overnight for a reasonable price and had it put in in time to cook. I didn’t indulge in any drama or beating myself up and as always when I get out of God’s way, God provides. At the same time I was cooking, I was also busy doing a ton of computer work to prepare for my computer upgrade. Somehow all that got done. Now I’m enjoying learning my new programs. Getting geeky every now and then gives me balance. I turn my brain off for a living… its not such a bad thing to put it to use every now and then :)!!

So no matter what has transpired in your lives, there were spiritual gifts to be garnered from it if you are willing to see things that way. Owning these gifts really gives you your power back. No longer do you feel victimized by life, but rather you can see the brilliance of your own classwork here upon the school we call Earth. I for one, plan to take a few easier courses in the future! But I do give thanks for all I have been blessed to learn along the way!

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