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I’ve been working on perspective a lot lately. Take the rudeness example the angels spoke of. Drivers on the road seem to be out to kill lately. I had one young lady run up agains the back of my car so closely she was almost touching. I moved over to let her pass, and then she proceeded to zoom around me and several others on a two lane road in a way that I was praying wouldn’t get her killed. I started to get irritated but instead prayed… “God, what is her deal?” Understanding always brings me compassion. “She’s late to work and worried about losing her job,” they said. “Well she could start a bit earlier!” I thought. “Haven’t you woken up late in the past too?” they reminded me. Ah yes, compassion. We are not perfect. How can I expect anyone else to be if I am not. I prayed for this young lady to make it to work safely without harming anyone else on the way. The irritation was gone.

Also this week my old camera, which truly was one of my prized possessions, not for its value, but for the joy it gives me in sharing my photos with all of you, started to act up. It no longer focused correctly in all the modes. I started to grieve it but realized that I’ve been wanting one with more resolution anyway. Long story short, I have a new camera that not only does what the old one does, but has extra modes that are forcing me to learn more about photography… which I’ve wanted to do as well. A minor frustration has turned into a big blessing.

So this week when something would normally upset you, try to keep what I call open to a “kind mind”… everyone is just another human being doing their best, no matter how terrible the “best” they can do might be. I wouldn’t get mad at a kindergartener doing something when they don’t know any better, so I strive to remain calm even when the adult “kindergarteners” are acting out. And when things don’t look as I like, I do my best to expect the hidden blessings. It is, after all, a far kinder and gentler reality to live this way!

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