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I certainly never thought I’d speak to those in heaven as part of my work! I started out channeling angels, but one day, when I was psychic in the window at a local bookstore, a whole new world opened up. A young woman sat in front of me, and instead of angels, I started to feel the presence of an older woman in spirit. She was kind, but very insistent on getting her message through. “Tell her I am SO grateful for how she took care of me! I am so grateful for her visits!” The young lady confirmed she had just lost an elderly friend whom she visited and cared for. The lady in heaven continued…”And tell her I LOVED my bon bons!” The young lady started to smile broadly. She had indeed, snuck little chocolate candies into the nursing home for the older woman. It was their secret. I was in awe of how the little things mean so much.

When my grandma died, she showed up to me very strongly! “Annie, its grandma! I’m in heaven with the Virgin Mary! Check your emails. Your mother needs you!” My grandma never touched an email but she did love Mary, her namesake. I checked my emails. Sure enough my dad had written to say that grandma passed and mom needed me. I was able to tell my mom that her mother was feisty and happy as ever!

When my grandpa died years before, my dad’s father this time, my phone (an old fashioned one with a DIAL!) chirped for weeks. RRring, no one there. Rrring, no one there! I finally figured out he was telling me he was doing great!

Over the years, the sheer volume of people I’ve spoken to in the heavens, as well as my own experience of popping into heaven a few times, has shown me beyond doubt that life after death is a beautiful thing, that love lives for eternity, and that even the most hard-headed and hurtful folks on earth can soften up and become kinder after death. This job has given me both hope and peace. I know that whoever I lose, I will find again. My dogs that “died” a few years ago are very present. Animals psychics who come for readings see them as much as I do. My grandpa comes and holds my hand at times… I always warm up on the right side when he’s around. My grandma… mom’s mom, sometimes interjects her opinion in readings and it is almost always hilarious!

So while it is SO sad to lose someone we love, and it IS hard to not see and feel them on this earth, the thing that I have seen heal people in deep grief is to first, allow themselves their emotions, but then also to realize that their loved ones are still here. Heaven is not far away. Heaven is not a place on a cloud. It is a different channel on God’s radio, in a way, a different dimension only. Our loved ones, if we want them to, can stand right beside us, hugs us, help us, and love us just as easily if not more so from the heavens.

If you like you can cultivate the ability to speak to your loved ones. You can sit quietly and hold out a hand and start there and ask them to touch you. Give them feedback.. “I feel a little buzz. I feel heat. I feel nothing.” Spend just a few minutes and try again another day. Tell them what time you will sit with them. Maybe ask a question and trust the very first thought or feeling you get. It takes dedication and practice but anyone can cultivate a relationship with their loved ones in the other dimensions. It just takes time to wait and see how they get through. Some are better at it than others. The shy ones are harder to hear! The loud crazy ones almost always find a way to get through. Give it a try… they love you dearly and would love to let you know they’re alive and well! And if that’s too spooky, just ask the angels to comfort you and they will do everything they can.

And Happy Halloween to those who celebrate 🙂

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