I do a lot of deep breathing. I catch myself all the time rushing around, holding my breath and I make myself stop, breathe deeply, and exhale. It reminds me to be present and enjoy the moment. It reminds me that “now” is where and when I am alive. When I forget this simple practice and allow my “spiritual circulation” to get off balance, my body quickly reminds me.

For the last several week I’ve had a nerve in my neck that easily pinches. means I wake up with numb hands and arms if I roll the wrong way in my sleep or if I move my head the wrong way when I’m awake. I know how to correct it. However, I simply haven’t take the time. I’ve been going strong without much down time since mid-September. While I love my fall hikes, this imbalance in my life was reflected in an imbalance in my body.

Thankfully over the Thanksgiving holiday I had time to “refill” the proverbial well. After the wonderful meal and time with friends, I spent a few days in blissful solitude. I sat and read all the magazine articles I’d set aside to read. I filed recipes and noted the healthy ones I wanted to try. I watched Hallmark Christmas movies, and sipped hot cider under my cozy blankets.

Best of all, I sat in silence with God and felt the energy starting to work through the tight spots in my body. I gazed for myself several times, did some easy exercises and of course, both my spiritual and physical circulation have returned. I’m excited about the holidays now and ready to give once again!

It is easy to get a little off balance this time of year in spite of all the joyful activities… or maybe because of them. In any case, here are some pointers to help your spiritual circulation flow smoothly.

1. Stay Present with Your Own Feelings

Stop every now and then. Breathe deeply and exhale. Breathe into the tight spots. Feel all your feelings. If you have stuffed emotions, this deep breathing will help release them from your body and soul, increasing both your physical and emotional circulation.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you as you breathe. Your body is like a child. It tells you what it needs if you listen to it. It even tells you what emotions need attention when you breathe into it. Allow yourself to feel and you will know when you need rest or activity. The mind can lie. The body never does.

2. Take time to receive from God and the angels every day

I am reminding myself to do this every morning and every night before bed. Just a few minutes of sitting in reception of God’s grace can change your life, body, health, and everything else. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

Unobstructed, flowing energy equal a flowing life which means flowing finances, flowing love, and flowing grace…

3. Give and Receive Graciously

When you give, do so from the heart. Remain present as you share a kind word with someone. Look them in the eye. Give the gift of your presence in each moment.

When you receive a gift of compliment gift the receiver with your appreciation. Write a thank you note. Don’t brush off the compliment or the gift. Take it in with your whole heart.

In any exchange, we are giving and receiving Divine Love. As the angels once said humorously, “You don’t want to clog up God’s arteries!”

Have a blessed week in a blissful flow…

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